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“People rarely call the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University by its full name. Instead, it's just 'the PRC.' That's as it should be. The informality of the initials emphasizes how uninstitutional an institution the PRC is: flexible, innovative, unpredictable.”

-- Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, “Big picture, small space, Dizzyingly varied exhibit looks to the future,” November 17, 2006. Mark Feeney won a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2008.

Below you will find PDFs of current and past press releases and links to reviews.

press releases

Please note: all dates refer to the date of release, not necessarily the event.

bulletspaceONWARD: After nearly 40 years, the PRC is moving,January 2017
bulletspaceWheels Project 4.0, April 2016
EXPOSURE 2016: The 20th Annual Juried Exhibition, April 2016
bulletspace2016 Student Show, March 2016
bulletspaceCall For Entries: EXPOSURE 2016, jurors announced, January 2016
bulletspaceInstantly Yours and Off the Fridge, January 2016
bulletspaceEdvidence + Adovcacy: SPE Members Juried Exhibition, November 2015
bulletspaceSpecial Editions: The PRC Print Program, September 2015

EXPOSURE 2015: The 19th Annual Juried Exhibition, May 2015
bulletspaceTAKE 5 Foundation and the PRC present I Am T.B.D, March 2015
bulletspace2015 Student Show, March 2015
bulletspaceEarly Works, January 2015
bulletspaceYour Work Here 2.0, November 2014
bulletspaceLeopold Godowsky Jr., Color Photography Awards 2014, January 2014
bulletspaceNEPR Showcase, November 2013
bulletspaceMarie Cosindas: A Life of Color / PRC 2013 Gala Preview Exhibition, October 2013
bulletspace2014 Leopold Godowsky Color Photography Award Winners Announced, September 2013
bulletspaceFramed: Identity and the Photographic Portrait / Collier Heights: Lydia A. Harris, August 2013
bulletspaceExposure 2013: The 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, May 2013
spaceTAKE 5 Foundation and the PRC present Take a Walk in My Shoes, a photography exhibit featuring seven spacespacespacespacespacecreative middle schoolers, April 2013
bulletspaceTreasures from the PRC Vault, April 2013
bulletspaceExposure 2013
Winners Announced, April 2013
bulletspaceUnconventional Inventions: innovative, unusual, and alternative approaches to photography, February 2013
bulletspaceExposure 2013 Announcement, January 2013
bulletspaceThe Doors of Perception: Vision and Innovation in Alternative Processes, January 2013
bulletspaceUnconventional Inventions
- Winners Announced, January 2013
bulletspaceThe Space in Between: Daniel Feldman, Stefanie Klavens, and Lynn Saville, October 2012
Call for Entries - Unconventional Inventions, October 2012
bulletspaceInternationally Acclaimed Photographer Ernesto Bazan to Give Lecture, October 2012
bulletspacePRC 2012 Benefit Auction, September 2012
bulletspaceRania Matar and Nancy Grace Horton Exhibitions, August 2012
bulletspaceNEPR Showcase, July 2012
bulletspaceTake 5 Foundation Annouces its Inaugural Program and Presents its Photography Exhibit, May 2012
bulletspacePRC Announces Exposure 2012 Winners, April 2012
bulletspacePRC 2012 Student Exhibition, April 2012
PRC Announces Juried Photography Exhibition: Exposure 2012, January 2012
Global Health in Focus & Recovery, January 2012
Janelle Lynch: Los Jardines de México, November 2011
PRC Benefit Auction, August 2011
7 Turkish Artists: Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari
spaceThreefold: Selections from the Indie Photobook Library
, August 2011
EXPOSURE 2011, June 2011
Lori Waselchuk: Grace Before Dying, April 2011
2011 PRC Student Exhibition, March 2011
bulletspaceJeff Jacobson: Melting Point, November 2010
green bulletspacePhotographic Resource Center Celebrates 35 Years with Gala Celebration November 9, October 2010
bullettspaceLoupe — The Photographic Resource Center’s New Photo Magazine, October 2010

green bulletspaceThen/Now: Recent Work by PRC Founders Carl Chiarenza and Chris Enos, October 2010
green bulletspaceBruce Davidson: Outside Inside, September 2010
green bulletspaceRichard Renaldi, September 2010
green bulletspaceMichal Chelbin: Strangely Familiar, August 2010
green bulletspaceCrisis and Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession, June 2010
green bulletspaceEXPOSURE: The 15th Annual Juried Exhibition, April 2010
green bulletspacePRC Student Exhibiton 2010, January 2010
green bulletspacePRC appoints Glenn Ruga as new Executive Director, January 2010
2009 PRC Benefit Auction, July 2009
2009 Leopold Godowsky, Jr. Color Photography Awards, July 2009
EXPOSURE: The 14th Annual Juried Exhibition and Spring Programs, April 2009
Syntax, part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, February 2009
2009 PRC Student Exhibition, January 2009
Keeping Time, October 2008
2008 PRC Benefit Auction, July 2008
EXPOSURE: The 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition, April 2008
PRC exhibition Picture Show wins AICA/New England Award, February 2008
spacerNew England Survey, February 2008
2008 PRC Student Exhibition, January 2008
AD | AGENCY, October 2007
2007 PRC Benefit Auction, July 2007
EXPOSURE: The 12th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition, May 2007
Picture Show closing film event, April 2007
Picture Show, part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, March 2007
2007 PRC Student Exhibition, January 2007
PRC/POV: Photography Now and the Next 30 Years exhibition, October 2006
PRC/POV: Photography Now and the Next 30 Years, education and events, October 2006
2006 PRC Benefit Auction, August 2006
2006 PRC Members' Exhibition, April 2006
2006 PRC Student Exhibition, March 2006
DOCUMENT exhibition and programs, January 2006
Group Portrait exhibition, October 2005
2005 PRC Benefit Auction, August 2005
2005 Leopold Godowsky Jr., Color Photography Awards, June 2005
2005 PRC Members' Exhibition, March 2005
Land/Mark: Locative Media and Photography exhibition and programs, Boston Cyberarts, March 2005
2005 PRC Student Exhibition, January 2005
Contemporary Vernacular exhibition and programs, October 2004
Found Polaroids and vernacular programs, October 2004
PRC Vernacular Exhibition, September 2004
2004 PRC Members' Exhibition, June 2004
Honky Tonk: Portraits of Country Music 1972-1981 by Henry Horenstein, March 2004
Concerning the Spiritual in Photography, January 2004
Northeast Exposure Press Release, November/December 2003
2003 PRC Members' Exhibition, June 2003
2003 PRC Student Exhibition, May 2003
New Media Works: Bob Arnold, part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, March 2003
YOUR WORK HERE, March 2003 (opening of new space at 832 Commonwealth Avenue)

selected press on the prc

Mark Feeny, Boston Globe, "Making a Case for Color at the PRC" (Leopold Godowsky, Jr. Color Photography Awards exhibition), January 23, 2014

Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, "Photography Refocused: With digital technology works offer new ways of seeing" (Syntax exhibition), April 3, 2009

Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, "Tracing the Outlines of Time " (Keeping Time exhibition), November 28, 2008

Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, "BU exhibition is long on talent, short on time," (The PRC Portfolio exhibition), September 8, 2008

Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, "Exploring the Edge of Region: New England Survey looks at who, what, where we are," (New England Survey exhibition), April 8, 2008

Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, "The wonder years: Recalling the visual revolution that brought about motion
pictures, new works are an enchanting mix of imagination and technology," (Picture Show exhibition), April 20, 2007

Matt Nash, Big, Red, and Shiny, "Picture Show @ PRC," Issue #62

Mark Feeney, Boston Globe, "Big Picture, Small Space: Dizzlingly Varied Exhibition Looks to Future," (PRC 30th anniversary exhibition), November 17, 2006

Shawn Hill, Art New England, "PRC: Focus on Future," (PRC 30th anniversary ), February/ March 2007