• ‘What They Don’t See,’ intimate peek at growing, near end on Photographic Resource Center site

    Cambridge Day

    By Katie Kawachi
    March 25, 2020

    The Photographic Resource Center is hosting an online showing of “What They Don’t See,” an exhibition featuring the work of Nicholas Costopoulos and Elise LaMaster, master of fine arts students in Lesley University’s Visual Arts program, along with Byron Hocker and Faith Ninivaggi, candidates in Lesley’s Photography & Integrated Media program. The exhibition is described by Jessica Burko, curator of the center, as chronicling the “stories of children and parents growing older, traditional gender roles as they are reinforced by religious identity, and the shaping of life by unforeseen circumstances.” Boston Herald photojournalist Ninivaggi’s approach: pairing photos of her two daughters from years apart.

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  • Photography as Power: ART PRC showcase confronts viewers’ perceptions


    by Isabel Barbi

    March 3rd, 2020 // March/April 2020

    There’s no way to distinguish how many years passed make a specific time period history. In “Present Histories Redefined,” history lies within the last two calendar years. The photographs of Feda Eid, Jonathan Mark Jackson and Joanna Tam document the everchanging stories of the present, focusing on marginalized voices. Curated by Jessica Burko, photography as “Power Art” is showcased at Lesley University’s VanDernoot Gallery by the Photographic Research Center

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  • The Photographic Resource Center has a new logo designed by College of Art and Design graduate Julia Kirwin ’19

    Lesley News

    March 3, 2020

    Kirwin and three of her classmates spent a semester researching rebranding options for the nonprofit organization as a special topics course with graphic design adjunct professor Charlie Conn. The center partially funded the course and formed a design committee to work with the students.

  • Group shows at PRC and Griffin combine quality and quantity

    Boston Globe

    by Mark Feeney, Globe Staff
    July 25, 2019

    Quality is always to be hoped for in a juried show, and both “Exposure 2019” “and the Griffin Museum of Photography’s “25th Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition” offer it. Where they differ is in how they handle quantity. “Exposure,” which runs at the Photographic Resource Center at Lesley University in Cambridge, through Aug. 11, presents the work of 14 photographers. Each has three to five photographs on display. Mark Alice Durant did the selecting. The Griffin, in Winchester, offers 58 photographers, each with a single image. Julie Grahame was the juror. With “Exposure,” the emphasis is more on the photographer. At the Griffin, it’s the image.
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    What Will You Remember?

    By Elin Spring July 17, 2019

    “They all contain secrets.” That is how one visitor described photographs by the fourteen artists exhibiting at EXPOSURE 2019, just opened at the Photographic Resource Center. Those photographers are Astrid Reischwitz, Cate Wnek, Gregory Jundanian, Hank Hauptmann, Jaina Cipriano, Jessica Burko, Judy Haberl, Kristen Joy Emack, Mary Zompetti, Molly Lamb, Navidreza Haghighi Mood, Nick Meyer, Regina DeLuise, and Reid + Factor. The show will be on view through August 11th, 2019 in Lesley University College of Art + Design’s Van Dernoot Gallery, University Hall in Cambridge, MA.

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