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Another Way of Looking at Love: What Makes it Great

    Elin Spring for What Will You Remember?
    April 19, 2023

    By Elin Spring

    There are many paths to the perception of oneness with nature – that euphoric feeling of eclipsing the day’s imperatives with a spiritual cleansing breath. Many artists seek to visualize the grandeur of this sensation, although it finds viewers in a diversity of places. It occurs most often for me by the ocean, for others when peering into the starry cosmos or perched atop a mountain peak. For photographer Janelle Lynch, this transcendence occurs in the woods. A selection of prints from her award-winning series and book “Another Way of Looking at Love” is being exhibited by Photographic Resource Center in their long-awaited return to the VanDernoot Gallery on the Lesley University Porter Square Campus in Cambridge, MA on view through June 12th, 2023

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