Portfolio Reviews

PRC Portfolio Reviews are a Members benefit scheduled 6-10 times per year with photography professionals throughout the industry including gallerists, curators, and publishers. Members in good standing are eligible to apply for one complimentary portfolio review annually. Due to the popularity of this member benefit and the limited time that our guest reviewers have, appointments are made by lottery. PRC Members submit their name and 6 names are selected for each PRC portfolio review event.

Stay tuned for news of upcoming PRC Portfolio Reviews!

Past Portfolio Reviewers:

Julie Grahame, Publisher of aCurator.com
Jessica Roscio, Director and Curator of Danforth Art Museum at Framingham State University
Steven Duede, Founder, Principal, and Curator of Aspect Initiative
Erin Becker, Director, Cambridge Art Association
Jessica Burko, Creative Director, Photographic Resource Center
Nancy Burns, Curator, Worcester Art Museum
Erin Carey, Academic Director, New England School of Photography
Lisa Crossman, Curator, Fitchburg Art Museum
Carrie Cushman, Davis Museum
Shana Dumont Garr, Curator, Fruitlands Museum
Karen Harvey, Creative Director, Shutter Hub
Arlette Kayafas, Owner, Gallery Kayafas
Bruce Myren, Acting Executive Director, Photographic Resource Center
Jessica Roscio, Danforth Art Museum
Dana Salvo, Owner, Clark Gallery
Dana Smith, Photographer and Educator
Aline Smithson, Founder, LENSCRATCH
Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director, Griffin Museum of Photography