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Looking out and looking in at the Photographic Resource Center

    Boston Globe

    by Mark Feeney

    August 13, 2012

    “NEPR Showcase”? Showcase is obvious enough. But NEPR? It stands for New England Portfolio Reviews. Every year the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University and the Griffin Museum of Photography, in Winchester, jointly offer photographers in the region a chance to have their work critiqued by experts in the field. The six photographers with work in “NEPR Showcase,” which runs at the PRC through Aug. 25, were chosen from participants in at least one review who then presented their work at a portfolio walk in May.

    Whether by design or chance, the work in the show neatly divides in two. Three photographers offer images primarily concerned with the external world (in fact, all three selections of photographs specifically relate to the man-made world), and three photographers have work primarily concerned with an internal world of emotion expressed and states of mind captured.

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