2014-2015 Exhibition Program

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Your Work Here, 2.0
September 18, 2014 − January 10, 2015
Opening Party, Thursday, November 6, 6-9pm
Closing Party, Saturday, January 10, 5-7pm

To celebrate the revitalized PRC and as a redux of our popular Your Work Here from 2003, which celebrated our move to 832 Comm. Ave. and our new space, we welcomed the community and our members to hang a work on our walls. Close to 150 people answered the call by sharing their photographs on the walls of the PRC and celebrating our new beginning! To learn more about #YWH2 and see a complete list of names, click here.

Early Works
January 22 − March 15, 2015
Reception/Open House: Thursday, February 26, 5-9pm

The PRC presented a celebration of early photographic talent in a unique, multi-part exhibition event, centered around the PRC's presentation of the traveling show Early Works, curated by Laura Moya & Laura Valenti of Portland, Oregon and the photographic non-profit Photolucida. Early Works examined imagery made by 34 international contemporary photographers when they were children. The PRC joined a roster of venerable venues that have shown Early Works, including the University of the Arts, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Rayko Photo Center, and the Newspace Center for Photography. To read the "Early Works" exhibition review by Boston Globe by Pulitzer Prize winning critic Mark Feeney, click here. To view Aline Smithson's overview on her blog Lenscratch, click here.

In conjunction with this offering in the main gallery, the PRC showcased the early work of members and local luminaries in two additional parts:

1.) Early Works, Online (January 22-February 18), which was also projected in the gallery. To see this online offering, click here.
2.) Early Works, Greater Boston (February 19-March 15), which was a complementary show of early works by invited regional artists, gallerists, professors, curators, and more: Randall Armor, Karl Baden, Judith Black, John Goodman, Lou Jones, Gus Kayafas, Lauren Shaw, Vaughn Sills, and Francine Weiss. To see images from the "Early Works" Open House, click here.

2015 PRC Student Exhibition
March 26 − May 3, 2015
Opening reception: Thursday, March 26, 5:30-8pm

This yearly exhibition honors the rich tradition of photography in the New England area and features work from the PRC's Institutional Member Program. For the 13th Annual show this year, over 90 works from 15 schools and programs were showcased, including Boston University, College of Communications; Boston University, College of Fine Art; Emmanuel College; Endicott College; Fitchburg State University; Lesley University College of Art and Design; Massachusetts College of Art and Design; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; New England School of Photography; Northeastern University; School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Simmons College; Stonehill College; University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; and University of Massachusetts, Lowell. To see images of the opening reception for the 2015 PRC Student Exhibition, click here.

Sponsored in part by photovideoedu.com, who provided reception support and student prizes.

“I am T.B.D.”: Presented by TAKE 5 Foundation
May 14 − May 31, 2015
Opening reception: Thursday, May 14, 5:30-8pm

The PRC was honored to partner again with the TAKE 5 Foundation to showcase their work with a group of middle school students as they explored photography. Given cameras for a year and under the guidance of photographer Brenda Bancel, these students of the Dorchester−based Epiphany School explored the medium. TAKE 5 asked Susan Nalband, photographer and gallery owner at 555Gallery, to guest curate this exhibition and Digital Silver Imaging printed the work. To see images from the opening reception for "I am T.B.D.," click here. To read Elin Spring's overview of TAKE 5's work, click here.

EXPOSURE: The 19th PRC Juried Exhibition
June 18 − July 26, 2015
Opening reception: Thursday, June 18, 5:30-8pm
Gallery Talk with Juror, Tuesday, July 7, 6:30pm

The PRC's nationally-renowned annual juried exhibition, Exposure, showcases and honors emerging and midcareer photographers from across the country. Since its inception in 1996, over 300 artists have displayed several images each from their respective series on the PRC's gallery walls. For EXPOSURE 2015 we were honored to have as our juror Kristen Gresh, Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Assistant Curator of Photographs, of the esteemed Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Gresh selected 13 out of 194 entries for the 19th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition as well as the individual pieces. Each EXPOSURE photographer shows several works each, making for an in-depth exploration of their series and an enriching experience for audiences as well.

The featured photographers for EXPSOURE 2015 included: Matthew Arnold (New York, NY), Susan Barnett (New York, NY), Edie Bresler (Somerville, MA), Debi Cornwall (Brooklyn, NY), Yorgos Efthymiadis (Somerville, MA), Keiko Hiromi (Dorchester, MA), Rhea Karam (New York, NY), Dean Kessmann (Washington, DC), Isa Leshko (Salem, MA), Ben Marcin (Baltimore, MD), Kyle Meyer (Brooklyn, NY), Zoe Perry-Wood (Lexington, MA), and David Wolf (San Francisco, CA).  To see images of the EXPOSURE 2015 opening reception, click here. To see images of Gresh's gallery talk, click here.  To read the exhibition review of EXPOSURE 2015 by Boston Globe by Pulitzer Prize winning critic Mark Feeney, click here. To read Elin Spring's review of the 2015 Juried Show, click here.

In honor of the #PRCJuriedShow, we asked past EXPOSURE alums to take over our Instagram account (@prcboston)!  For 13 weeks, the artists posted images and stories for a week each. Explore the "take overs" using the #PRCTakeOver on Instagram and Twitter or begin here and then keep clicking the left arrows!

EXPOSURE 2015 was supported in part by the Hegner Family Foundation

SATELLITE EXHIBITION at the Hynes Convention Center:

February 10 - extended through August 26, 2015
Opening reception, February 18, 6-8pm

A jointly-curated exhibition offering with the PRC, art consultant for the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority's Art Program Stephanie Dvareckas, PRC Board Member Bruce Myren, and local galleries Gallery Kayafas, Miller Yezerski Gallery, and Robert Klein Gallery—this exhibition highlighted 20+ Massachusetts photographers, both emerging and established. Artists include Karl Baden, Genesis Báez, Sage Brousseau, Brandon Dunning, Thomas Durand, Amy Theiss Giese, Len Gittleman, John Goodman, Hank Hauptmann, Ileana Hernandez, Elizabeth Ireland, Nasser K, Tova Katzman, Laura Knapp, Bruce Myren, Zoe Perry-Wood, Laura Beth Reese, Astrid Reischwitz , Zak Alexander Rose, Victoria Schepps, and Remi Thornton. To see images of the opening reception and installation, click here.