fall 1986 - summer 1987 exhibition program

CUBA: A View from Inside,
40 Years of Cuban Life in the Work and Words of 20 Photographers

August 28 September 26, 1986
This was an exhibition that featured 124 photographs taken between the 1940s and 1980s by various Cuban photographers as well as videotaped interviews of the photographers and important Cubans.

20x24 Polaroid Photographs
August 28 September 20, 1986
This show featured Tito Simboli's large-scale Polaroid photographs of collages.

Color Photographs by David Graham
September 25 October 18, 1986
The photographer David Graham exhibited his humorous photographs of the modern American landscape.

The Sacred and the Sacrilegious: Iconographic Images in Photography
October 3 November 6, 1986
This was an exhibition that focused on the appropriation of iconographic images in photography. The show included works by Linda Connor, Phyllis Galembo, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paul Berger, Jeanne C. Finley, F. Holland Day, Julie Ault, Julia Margaret Cameron, Linda Connor, Duane Michals, Mark Durant, and Joel-Peter Witkin.

The Two Man Show

October 23 November 15, 1986
This show featured the photographs of Tom Young and Dick Lebowitz. Their work included examples of the artists photographing each other while at work as well as photographs of families and other groups in New England.

Lucas Samaras: Polaroid Photographs 1969-1983

November 13 December 19, 1986
This show was one half of a two-part exhibition that was held in conjunction with Polaroid's Clarence Kennedy Gallery and featured the photographs of Lucas Samaras.

Mary Jo Toles

November 20 December 19, 1986
Mary Jo Toles created large wall installations out of one-of-a-kind color prints for this exhibition.

Independent Associations
Through March 7, 1987
This exhibition featured photographs by Robert Fitcher, Betty Hahn, Evon Streetman, and John Wood.

Daniel S. Williams

Through March 7, 1987
This show featured Daniel Williams's color photographs that captured recent celebrations held in observance of Emancipation Proclamation Day as well as photo-collages that incorporated images of African-Americans in traditional advertisements.

Cultural Assimilation/ Isolation
March 15 April 26, 1987
Cultural Assimilation/Isolation included contemporary photographs, videotapes, and artists' books of refugees, immigrants, and Native Americans. This exhibition examined why certain cultural groups are welcome in the U.S., while others are unwelcome or ignored. The show included work by Michael Ach, Miguel Gandert, Edgar Heap of Birds, Meridel Rubenstein, Judith Sedwick, Hanh Thi Pham/Richard Turner, Kaz Tsuchikawa, and Mihoko Yamagata.

Photo Diary of Anna Beata Bohdziewicz
March 19 April 19, 1987
Held in conjunction with Out of Eastern Europe at MIT, this exhibition presented a personal history of Poland that began in 1981.

May 1 June 7, 1987
This exhibition included photo-sculptures by Catherine Jansen and color photographs by Kathleen Chmelewski.

Nine Masters:
Berenice Abbott, Harry Callahan, Harold Edgerton, Walker Evans, Lotte Jacobi, Gyorgy Kepes, Aaron Siskind, Bradford Washburn and Minor White

May 7 June 7, 1987
This exhibition paid tribute to nine photographers of national and international repute who have spent significant portions of their lives in New England. A catalogue and symposium accompanied the exhibition in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the PRC.