fall 1995 - summer 1996 exhibition program

1995 New England Biennial
September 15 November 26, 1995
The PRC's third New England Biennial showcases the most outstanding contemporary photographic work in New England, and features 13 artists selected from a field of over 250 entries. This highly competitive exhibition was juried by leading curators and artists in the field including Merry A. Foresta, then Senior Curator at the National Musuem of Art in Washington D.C.; Rick McKee Hock, then Director of Creative Services at the George Eastman House; and S.A. Bachman, a professor at the School of Museum of Fine Arts. The artists included Sheron Rupp, Jacqueline Hayden, Tom Young, Susan Jahoda, Dawn Southworth, Maryjean Viano Crowe, Dennis Grady, Mary Ann McQuillian, Nancy Natale, Ann Prim, Anne Rowland, LyzaBeth Aallan, and Sam Walker.

Selected Projects From the Arts Educators Coalition Exhibition
December 1 December 22, 1995
Opening simultaneously with the First Annual PRC Student Members' Exhibition, The Arts Educators Coalition Exhibition was a celebration of independent arts educators under the PRC's umbrella. The exhibition presented selected projects by members of the coalition and included work by students from Roxbury, Lowell and elsewhere. It served to consolidate the coalition and announce its objectives: to form an active group of people committed to using photography and related media as a vehicle for education, community awareness, revitalization and personal growth. Coalition members Alan Bush, Bob Kramer, Nicole Burkart, Brad Mintz and Janice Rogovin each had students included in the exhibition.

1995 PRC Student Members' Exhibition
December 1 December 22, 1995
The Student Members' Exhibition showcased the work of twenty-two student photographers from graduate and undergraduate programs throughout the region. Selected from well over a hundred submissions, the exhibition celebrated the diversity of photography as explored by students and examined future directions of the medium. Artists selected for the exhibition included Matthew Arnold, Richard Baker, Alison Barnes, Erin Cowgill, Heather Cox, Mary Exner, Arlton D. Figuerido, Brian Harper, Hynes McKenna, Chad Joiner, Todd Kancar, Jenny Kuhla, Fred Levy, Lewis Tyler Linton, Sarah Malakoff, Atoosa Malekani, Christina Micek, Alessandra Mondolfi, Radek Skrivanek, Takashi Suzuki, Laura Wulf, and Gregg Zoske. Deborah Martin Kao, then Sr. Assistant Curator of Photographic Collections, at the Harvard University Art Museums, juried the exhibition with Robert E. Seydel, then PRC's Curator of Exhibitions. (Note: The PRC Student Exhibition ran from 1995 to 1998; the PRC reinstated the student exhibition in 2002, please click here to learn more.)

The Land of Paradox: Japanese Landscape Photography
January 16 February 22, 1996
This traveling exhibition, which premiered at the PRC, featured work by four contemporary photographers from Japan who focused on the continually metamorphosing Japanese landscape. Using photography as both a magnifying lens and a telescope, the artists probed the possibilities of vision. Artists Yuji Saiga, Norio Kobayashi, Toshio Yamane, and Naoya Hatakeyama were featured in the exhibition.

Chester Michalik: Hiroshima/Nagasaki Fifty Years Later
January 16 February 22, 1996
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Fifty Years Later was a series of photographs that were made three to four weeks prior to the fiftieth anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan. The project recorded Michalik's walk through the two cities without making specific visual reference to the effects of the bombing; this walk concluded on August 6th, which symbolized the moment when time stopped for the Japanese people. The exhibition was shown with The Land of Paradox: Japanese Landscape Photography.

First Annual - 1996 PRC Members' Exhibition

March 15 April 7, 1996
The PRC's first Annual Members' Exhibition showcased the work of its broadly based membership, and highlighted the diversity of the Center's artistic community. The exhibition was juried by Sheryl Conkelton, Associate Curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Robert E. Seydel, the PRC's Curator of Exhibitions. The forty-six photographers included were Jean Abbott, Monika Andersson, Anne Archibald, Laura Claire Benedict, Marianne Bernstein, Bhengy, Andrew Brilliant, Elsa Campbell, Karen Charbonneau and Sonja Rodrigue, Phyllis Crowley, Roy DiTosti, Clarissa P. Erving, Ejlat Feuer, Ellen Finkelstein, Joan Fitzsimmons, Victoria Gewirz, Eleanor L. Gorman, Robert Goss, Vincent Goutal, Anton Grassl, Susan V. Haas, Michael Hintlian, Ditta Baron Hoeber, Sarah Hoskins, Becky Hunt, Katherine Johnson, Amy Kubes, Mary Lang, Paul Lister, Dorothy K. Magadieu, Michael Philip Manheim, Denise Marcotte, Kristina Egan Mast, Patrisha McLean, Mary Ann McQuillan, Jack McPhee, Melissa K. Michalik, Brad Mintz, Peter Miraglia, Mark Morelli, Frank Noelker, Bonnie Porter, David Prifti, Judy Quinn, Patricia D. Richards, Heidi Sherman, Olga Solomita, and Ferenc Suto. For more information on the PRC's juried exhibition and becoming a member of the PRC, please click here.

Antic Meet: Merce Cunningham and the Visual Arts
April 18 June 16, 1996
This exhibition examined the career of modern choreographer Merce Cunningham and his multifaceted relation to the visual arts. The exhibition incorporated still photography, film and video, ambient sound, drawing and sculpture. It defined Cunningham's collaborative aesthetic approach to the theatre and its representation. Antic Meet opened concurrently with Bodies Descending: The Dance Photographs of Philip Trager.

Bodies Descending: the Dance Photographs of Philip Trager
April 18 June 16, 1996
Bodies Descending demonstrated an intermingling of artistic media. Trager's performance photographs were produced in collaboration with choreographers Ralph Lemon, and Eiko and Koma. Through the combination of still photography, choreography, dancers and environments, they created a different telling of dance. Bodies Descending was made possible in part by a commission from Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in Western Massachusetts, and consisted of nearly fifty silver gelatin and platinum photographs.

The Boston Ballet by Jerry Berndt

April 18 June 16, 1996
The Boston Ballet was a special exhibition that consisted of approximately fifteen photographs from New England based photographer Jerry Berndt's ongoing and award-winning series. Berndt intended to capture the motion energy and grace produced by the dancers.

New England Biennial in Chile
June 1997
Selections from the third New England Biennial (1995) were showcased at the Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura in Santiago, Chile. This was collaboration to display the work of New England artists through the sponsorship of the United States Information Agency and the U.S. Embassy in Santiago. Biennial artists exhibited included Mary Ann McQuillan, Ann Prim, Anne Rowland, Sheron Rupp, and Tom Young.