fall 2006 - summer 2007 exhibition program

2006 PRC Benefit Auction

September 8 – October 1, 2006
This annual exhibition and auction included over 200 contemporary and vintage photographs. The auction was held Thursday, October 5, 2006 to benefit the PRC and its programming.

PRC/POV: Photography Now and The Next 30 Years
November 3, 2006 – January 28, 2007
The PRC celebrated its 30th anniversary with PRC/POV: Photography Now and The Next 30 Years. This was a unique exhibition that recognized the past and looked into future of photography through the lens of the PRC. The PRC focused its attention on new and novel ideas in photography and related media. Organized by PRC Curator Leslie K. Brown, the PRC solicited nominations from past and current staff and board for artists and entities that are beginning to garner attention (or deserve more) as well as those that will likely make a significant contribution in the next 30 years.

Serving as the PRC's one to grow on, the PRC Flickr site w as launched in conjunction with the show and visitors were invited to take a picture in the gallery. A special color insert was published in the November/December PRC newsletter and a special online component to the exhibition was developed. Both are available online at www.bu.edu/prc/prcpov. To read the Boston Globe review, click here, and to see images of the events and installation click here.

2007 PRC Student Exhibition
February 9 – March 18, 2007
The 5th annual student exhibition featured over 100 photographs by students from New England universities and colleges that were current Institutional Plus Members of the PRC. For more information on the student exhibition and Institutional membership of the PRC, click here, and to see images of the installation and opening click here.

Picture Show
March 30 – May 6, 2007
Picture Show featured artists who engaged the idea of moving pictures in the 21st century via work that evoked early optical and cinematic devices. Within a gallery space turned theater/cabinet of curiosity, you could interact with, peer into, and animate many of the artworks—constructions that exist somewhere between photography, new media, sculpture, and installation. Artists included Steve Hollinger, Olivia Robinson, Erica von Schilgen, Deb Todd Wheeler, and work on loan from le Musée Patamécanique by Hans Spinnermen. Curated by PRC Curator Leslie K. Brown, the exhibition was presented in conjunction with the biennial Boston Cyberarts Festival (April 20-May 6, 2007), a region-wide celebration of art and technology. To read the Boston Globe review, click here, and to see images of the installation click here.
Picture Show was named one of the Best of Exhibitions of 2007 by the Boston Phoenix!

EXPOSURE: The 12th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition
May 25 - July 1, 2007
Each year, the PRC hosts a juried exhibition with a nationally-renowned juror. In celebration of the PRC's 30th anniversary and in order to reflect the mission and function of our annual photography competition, this year the name was changed to PRC Members' Exhibition to EXPOSURE : The Annual PRC Juried Exhibition. Guest juror New York gallerist Jen Bekman s elected 16 photographers out of a record-breaking 317 entries for exhibition— the most entries ever received — including Daniel Ballesteros, Chris Bentley, Anatasia Cazabon, Jon Edwards, Erin Eriksen, Erik Gould, John Hirsch, Robert Knight, Susan Lakin, Paige Largay, Christopher Lovi, Paul McKee, Brad Moore, Christina Seely, Martin Stupich, and Jim Turbert. For more information on the juried exhibition and becoming a member of the PRC, click here, and to see images of the installation and opening click here.