fall 1998 - summer 1999 exhibition program

Two Times Intro:
Photographs by Michael Stipe, Drawings by Patti Smith, and
Polaroid Prints by Oliver Ray
September 11 – October 23, 1998
The continuation of the Between a Rock and an Art Space theme featured drawings by Patti Smith and Polaroid prints by Oliver Ray as well as a visual diary of Stipe's experience as a musician and practicing visual artist. Stipe's photographs followed the lead singer and songwriter for the band R.E.M. and Patti Smith as they toured with Bob Dylan in 1995.

Everyday Alchemy:
Pinhole Photography by Carlos Jurado and Jesseca Ferguson

September 11 – October 23, 1998
Mexican artist Carlos Jurado and Boston artist Jessica Ferguson share a fascination with pinhole photography's ability to imbue ordinary objects with mystery and power, and find freedom in the simplicity and intimacy of the process. Whereas Jurado cultivated an aesthetic of simplicity, Ferguson's produced richly complex images. Jurado's subject matter was taken from objects that he encountered in his everyday life while Ferguson created “set-ups” suggestive of still life portraits. The exhibition was organized by the PRC and was a part of Fotoseptiembre 1998, an international celebration of Mexican Photography.

1998 PRC Benefit Auction
November 6 – December 10, 1998
This exhibition featured works offered to support the PRC's ongoing exhibition and education programming. An exhibition of the works to be auctioned was held at the PRC and the live auction was held on December 10, 1998.

Recollecting a Culture:
Photography and the Evolution of a Socialist Aesthetic in East Germany

January 8 – February 19, 1999
This exhibition studied the “political and economic pressures on the visual arts of the German democratic Republic.” The photographs were chosen from two state-sanctioned photography journals from East Germany, Fotokino and Die Fotografie. Previously unexplored, the archives were a rich resource that allows us to examine the history of East German photography and the use of visual imagery during the 50-year period of the state's existence. Although some of the images were previously published in the journals, they have never before been presented in an exhibition. For the special online component to this exhibition, please click here. For the special online component to this exhibition, please click here.

Dramatis Personae:
A Look at Role-Playing and Narrative in Contemporary Photograph
March 5 – April 16, 1999
This exhibition presented a combination of emerging and well-established artists that created fantasy photographs through role-playing and the use of alternate personas. The role of the photographic reproduction was crucial to the stories told by these artists. Through their characters, the artist provided us with a way to suspend belief and wholly enter the realm of the artists' imagination. The eight artists included were Renee Cox, Lyle Ashton Harris, Thomas Allen Harris, Nicholas Kahn, Richard Selesnick, Zoe Leonard, Laurie Long, and Richard Zoller.

Jason Byron Gavann: Photographs from 1983-present
March 5 – April 6, 1999
For over twenty-five years Boston photographer Jason Byron has been photographed his friends, surroundings, and travels. The work focused on the reoccurring themes of drama, artifice, and storytelling. Gavann created intimate and poignant pictures that told the stories and fantasies of both the sitters and the artist.

1999 PRC Members' Exhibition
April 30 – June 27, 1999
Each year, the PRC hosts a juried exhibition with a nationally-renowned juror. In conjunction with the citywide Boston Cyberarts Festival, the 1999 Members Exhibition was organized around the theme of new technologies. The works included broadly interpreted the “New Media” genre, but in most cases the artists explored the translation of the photographic image into the then new medium of computer-generated prints. Single-person exhibition winners were Robert Fontenot and Christy Park. Artists that presented in the group exhibition were Linda L. Brown, Adriene B. Hughes, Charlie Lemay, Georgina Lewis, Joachim Knill, Dorothy S. Krause, Chehalis Hegner-Melloni, Matthew Nash, Lisa Stanley, Leslie Starobin, Anna Strickland, and Susan Zimmerman. For more information on the PRC's juried exhibition and becoming a member of the PRC, please click here.