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Past Featured Member

Sally Chapman

    Two trades brought Sally Chapman to her current focus on photography. First, she traded ego for enjoyment. Then she traded the dusty isolation of her ceramics studio for the more sociable world of photography.

    Tony Attardo

      “To me, the camera is a way to help people, to bring our cultures and lives together. I continuously have this idea, this thought in my mind: The search for human dignity and how to photograph that, and how to talk about it.”

      Sandra Matthews

        “For me, photography is a very personal way of making meaning…taking pictures helps me to see my life more clearly and think about my environment.”

        Conrad Gees

          His wife’s 90-year-old mother’s desire to see Cuba opened up a whole new creative world for Conrad. “Truly, Cuba unlike any country I’ve ever been to before…”

          Astrid Reischwitz

            “The best advice that I have been given is: Be patient and concentrate on your art, everything else will fall into place!”

            Susan Hargrave

              Susan Hargrave’s early exposure to photography didn’t exactly inspire her: “When I was a child,” she says, “my parents took thousands of snapshots, and I found it annoying.” Despite that inauspicious start, photography became a main focus for her creative impulses.

              Paul Light

                A professional photographer since the 1970s, Paul Light produces work that is both commercially and artistically successful. His art photographs have appeared in Boston-area galleries and museums, including Addison Gallery of American Art, the Fogg Art Museum, and the Griffin Museum of Photography. Paul’s work is part of the permanent collection of the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University.