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Your Work Here 2023, a PRC Members Exhibition

    December 5, 2023 – January 20, 2024
    Gallery reception: December 6, 6-8pm

    Photo Flaunt: January 20, 4pm
    Click HERE for event details!

    Neal Skorka, Point of Light, 2013
    archival ink jet print

    VanDernoot Gallery
    1815 Massachusetts Ave.
    Cambridge, MA 02140

    Gallery hours: Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm

    Your Work Here is a PRC Members exhibition and a much anticipated annual tradition. The exhibition features works from near and far with PRC Member photographs from across the country and around the world.

    Reviewed in Cambridge Day newspaper
    and The Boston Globe.

    What’s the Photo Flaunt?
    Your Work Here exhibitors will present 5 image slides in 3 minutes while speaking about their work, in the University Hall screening room, one flight down from VanDernoot Gallery, 1815 Mass Ave, Cambridge. After the flaunt we’ll take a jaunt down the street to The Abbey for mingling and cheering to the new year.

    Click HERE to view all the photographs, and to purchase work.

    Your Work Here 2023 Exhibitors:
    Paula Aguilera, Liz Albert, Frank Armstrong, Judith Aronson, Judy Bergman Hochberg, Nicole Carriere, Sally Chapman, Bill Chapman, Kelly Conlin, Michael Corthell, Parrish Dobson, Kat Doherty, Steven Duede, Gary Duehr, Steve Dunwell, Steven Edson, Jennifer Erbe, Jason Flynn, Peter Fougere, Erica Frisk, Suzanne Gainer, Erik Gehring, Gail Giarrusso, Porter Gifford, Mary Gillis, Fritz Goeckner, Marc Goldring, Dmitriy Gushchin, Michael Hall, Bruce Hamilton, Dasan Harrington, Jeffrey Heyne, Arch Horst, Doug Johnson, Marky Kauffmann, Sophia Koevary, Joseph Lieber, Susan Lirakis, Anna Litvak-Hinenzon, Joni Lohr, Kay Mathew, Dan McCormack, Natalie McGuire, Robert Morin, Susan Murie, Bruce Myren, Irwin Nesoff, Eric Nichols, Peter Nohrnberg, Jenny Pivor, Sarah Pollman, R. Lee Post, Robin Radin, Wen Redmond, Suzanne Révy, David Ricci, Gordon Saperia, Glen Scheffer, Skip Schiel, Stephen Schmidt, Peter Shaw, Neal Skorka, Dennis Stein, Heidi Straube, Sean Sullivan, Matt Temple, John Tronsor, Phil Tuths