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The 2024 Photo Flaunt

    Saturday, January 20, 4pm

    University Hall, Lesley University, screening room on the lower level
    1815 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA

    At this inaugural event, on the last day of the exhibition, Your Work Here exhibitors will present 5 image slides in 3 minutes while speaking about their work. The Flaunt will be held in the University Hall screening room, one flight down from VanDernoot Gallery, 1815 Mass Ave, Cambridge. After the flaunt we’ll take a jaunt down the street to The Abbey for mingling and cheering to the new year.

    Photo Flaunt Presenters:
    Frank Armstrong, Judith Aronson, Sally Chapman, Peter Fougere, Jeffrey Heyne, Sophia Yael Koevary, Joseph Lieber, Anna Litvak-Hinenzon, Kay Mathew, Irwin Nesoff, Suzanne Revy, David Ricci, Gordon Saperia, Skip Schiel, Stephen Schmidt, Dennis Stein, Heidi Straube, Sean Sullivan, Philip Tuths… Click on the quote to see slide show