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Emily Kahn



(b. 1939; lives Waban, MA)An American Family, Series III, 2002


Emily Kahn is a Harvard and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston graduate who has been mentored by and worked with Jim Dow and Robert Cole. Her photographs have been included in many regional exhibitions and publications. An American Family, Series III represents a series of work that derives from a group of long-neglected photographs by Kahn’s late father, a dedicated scientist and writer. After being asked by her father to complete his unfinished autobiography, Kahn began examining his life through these photographs. However, through the process of discovering and recontextualizing the images, she realized that she was formulating her own autobiography as well. Drawn to geometry and mystery in her other artwork, another similar series looks at her father’s pictures of Ivan P. Pavlov.

Kahn was on the PRC’s Board of Directors in the early to mid 2000s and is a staunch cheerleader for photography.