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Erin Becker Offered Thoughtful Portfolio Advice on 7/30/18

    Erin Becker, Norma Jean Calderwood Director of the Cambridge Art Association, reviewed PRC members’ portfolios in the July session of the PRC Portfolio Review.

    (Read about the PRC Portfolio Review program here.)

    Commenting on the session, Erin said, “I enjoyed meeting with photographers at the PRC who were both familiar and new to me. The Boston area has a wonderful photo community, and it was a pleasure to see that on display at the PRC. I also appreciated the effort each photographer put into presenting their work, and the openness they showed in asking for feedback.

    “Like many who work in the arts, my day-to-day never involves as much looking at art as I would like. So, when I’m asked to participate in any sort of portfolio review, I jump at the chance! It’s an opportunity for me to stayed attuned to artists’ needs, as well as how artists are responding to current trends, world events, and the like.

    “I also view these one-on-one conversations as an educational opportunity for both reviewer and presenter—as the viewer, I am able to further hone my skills, while also sharing my professional experience with the presenter. Presenters benefit from the opportunity to present  and discuss their art—something that all artists should practice regularly!”

    PRC Members Marc Goldring and Sally Chapman reflected on their reviews:

    Wards Pond Reflection by Marc Goldring

    Marc Goldring: “Erin’s  comments about my work were cogent and to the point, partly about better curating my own work but, more deeply, about looking hard at what I shot and why. For those insights, I am grateful.

    “The conversation went in directions I didn’t expect and that, too, was useful to me, pointing out that knowing something is very different from actually doing it. As a result of this session, I’m more clear on what I need to do to move in the direction I want to go.”

    Ted’s Shrine by Sally Chapman

    Sally Chapman: “It was lovely to meet with Erin Becker and show her where my work is progressing since I last showed at the CAA. Her comments were helpful as to where she saw the strengths of the series and her ideas of looking at others that are working in similar subject matters.

    “Also her suggestions for using social media to find possible other subjects for the series. The main benefit has been that the ideas have sparked many of my own ideas in the days since the review. It has been a boost where I had been feeling a bit constrained.”

    Upcoming reviews include Arlette Kayafas on September 17th, and Shana Dumont Garr on October 15th. Read more on how and when to apply for a review slot.