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Betsy Cullen: ‘The Pool, 1992, Mexico’

    By Charlie Conn: “The pool ladder invites me in, I hear the palm trees rustling as I float on my back and I enjoy having the pool all to myself. The image is very inspirational on a cold, ugly Winter day.”

    Seiichi Furuya: ‘Graz’, 1979

      By Sophia Namara of PhoPa Gallery: I first saw this portrait at SFMOMA and was immediately drawn to it. A woman’s face stares directly into the camera, her body obscured by bath water. It is an incredibly intimate portrait.

      Sally Mann: ‘The Ditch’

        By Suzanne Revy
        Sally Mann (b. 1951) is known for images of children made on her farm in Lexington, Virginia and published in the book Immediate Family.

        The Ditch (1987) was published in a New York Times Magazine article about Mann in the early ’90s, which coincided with a weekend visit at my then future in-laws in the New York area. I remember the interesting conversation we had about Mann’s photographs.Read More »Sally Mann: ‘The Ditch’