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How to Use the PRC New England Photography Calendar

How to Use the PRC New England Photography Calendar

Events, exhibitions, shows, workshops, lectures…if it’s happening in photography in New England, the PRC calendar is the place for it. Here’s a quick guide to find what you’re looking for.

1. You can see two different calendar views: “Agenda” displays listings in the format seen here; “Monthly” displays the same information in  a classic calendar-month format.

Both views display entries in ascending chronological order according to their start-dates.

2. You can see a select group of listings by searching for specific days, categories, venues, locations, etc. For example, searching “PRC” will show you all our activities.

3. You can also see a categorical listing by clicking on any of the tags in the last line of the listing that you see in the Agenda view.

4. If you’ve got something going on, submit it to our calendar, and we’ll post it for you. Just click “Submit Event” in the calendar navigation bar.

Clicking on the title of a listing will bring you to the page with more information.