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Stills: Photographer/Filmmakers

    Jaina Cipriano, Stephen DiRado, Henry Horenstein, Nancy Grace Horton

    October 2 – November 15, 2023

    In conjunction with Moving Pictures: a day of film and conversation on Saturday, October 28th, 1 – 6pm

    Event and exhibition located in Lesley University, University Hall, lower level
    1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

    The exhibition, Stills: Photographer/Filmmakers is a companion exhibition to the October 28th event, Moving Pictures, a day of film and conversation. The event features short films by photographer/filmmakers Jaina Cipriano, Stephen DiRado, Henry Horenstein, and Nancy Grace Horton. Screenings of the film will be followed by discussion about the unique vision of photographers who also work in the medium of film. The exhibition features photographs related to the films and highlight the process of the working photographer turned filmmaker.