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Shooting Back: A Photographic View of Life by Homeless Children

    Selected by Jim Hubbard.
    Introduction by Dr. Robert Coles.
    Published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1991

    In response to the worsening plight of the homeless comes this moving collection of black-and-white photographs taken by homeless children in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1989 by photographer Jim Hubbard, Shooting Back, Inc., is an education and media center that brings together volunteer photographers and homeless and other at-risk children. This vital program gives the children the basic skills needed to convey their vision of the world through the medium of photography.

    The astounding photographs and accompanying comments by children in this book will inform those concerned about the consequences of poverty and homelessness, while inspiring everyone with their testament to the endurance and innate creativity of the human spirit.

    The PRC library, which is currently in storage, includes a copy of this book.