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Kylie Harrigan: Measuring


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Ink Jet

Year created: 2022

This photo is from my series “Following my Father”. I’ve spent the last few years helping my dad, who is a structural engineer document and measure some of the older buildings he works on in the New England area. Sometimes he is called in to just do a structural assessment for safety or purchasing purposes, sometimes he’s called in for a full building remodel, or a roof analysis, occasionally to inspect the damage done during a fire or an accident. After having followed him for the last few years I’ve begun to see him as a kind of modern day explorer. He measures every piece of a building down to an 1/8th of an inch. He is in attics, basements, and everything in between. Rediscovering 18th century boiler rooms and 20th century elevator mechanics. In this particular photo he is using a laser measure to measure the entire length of a large old building in Worcester. The building which was built in the 1800s and has gone largely unused for the last few years is being remodeled into apartments.

My dad is easily the most important figure in my life. He has supported me through my entire life often giving up much of his own for myself and my siblings. This project started in college as a simple assignment but over the years has turned into much more. It has changed the way I see my dad as just “dad” into a full fledged professional who has an entire world outside of soccer coach, general cheerleader, and power napper. I want to highlight him and what he does with very little gratitude in the only way I know how.

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