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Antonin Kratochvil: Vanishing


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From the preface by the Czech photographer:

The pictures inside show what might never return. What the eyes have looked upon may be lost forever. 

This book is a tour through 

several endangered life-forms. At present, most of their outcomes hang in the balance, 

though for some they hang by a thread. 

[VANISHING] speaks on behalf of life despite man’s ever-threatening presence. 

This body of work offers nothing in the way of answers, 

neither is it a sermon in hopes of brighter days. No, its intent is to pose that every-day, run of the mill question. [VANISHING] gives those who go about their business, 

living their lives, a chance to look beyond 

their worlds and 

into others. Perhaps having closed 

the covers on this uncommon journey people in future 

may respond differently to that 

question that they so often hear and that this book asks once more.