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PRC Nights Online: Experimental Digital Collage

    August 18, 2020, 5-7pm

    PRC Nights Online featuring Steve Bennett
    along with Paul light, Stephen Sheffield, and Tara Khan

    Digital collage by Steven Bennett

    Photomontage may have come to prominence with Hannah Höch but digital media has turned it on its head. Neuroscientist David Eagleman describes the creative process in terms of “bending, breaking, and blending.” which to photographer Steve Bennett is the essence of experimental digital collage. Bennett begins with traditional photographs and uses Photoshop to bend, break, and blend them into composite images. 

    Steve Bennett’s passion for photography began during the era of film cameras and processing. Today, his digital work lies at the intersection of “what is” and “what if,” fusing photographs of natural and human made elements into surreal and imaginary worlds, presented in print and multimedia formats. Additional PRC members presenting on the 18th are Paul Light, Stephen Sheffield and Tira Khan who will be presenting their own Experimental Digital Collage.

    Digital collage by Paul Light
    Tira Kahn, Breaking away, digital collage
    Digital Collage by Stephen Sheffield