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PRC Nights Online: Modern Pet Photography

    October 29, 2020, 6-8pm

    PRC Nights Online: Modern Pet Photography
    featuring Fred Levy with PRC Members
    Tsar Fedorsky and David Moore

    Fred Levy, Dakota in the studio

    Fred Levy started taking photos of pets by first focusing on his adopted dog Toby, and then other dogs around the neighborhood. Traveling to local dog parks lit a spark that gave him clarity of what he wanted to shoot. Levy has always enjoyed photographing people in a candid, casual way but before Toby he had never applied that idea to animals. He quickly discovered that this was something he really loved, and led him down a path of seeing all kinds of other great photographers who focus on pets as their subject matter.

    Presenting along with Levy are PRC Members Tsar Fedorsky and David Moore. Tsar Fedorsky is an American photographer. Her work centers on personal yet relatable narratives. She is currently merging traditional and digital photographic techniques, and examining the tactile qualities of the photographic print. David Moore is a painter, photographer, videographer, and musician. He teaches Visual Arts at Arlington High School.

    Tsar Fedorsky, Dog Days, 9
    David Moore, Malte with ball