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2018 Student Show: SMFA at Tufts

This year’s submissions to the PRC Student Show from SMFA @ Tufts University were curated by faculty members Bill Burke and Sandra Stark.

The work demonstrates the level of experimentation, both technical and conceptual, that SMFA students bring to their craft. Faculty work closely with the students and encourage them to engage with a variety of techniques and ideas.

This can range from Keith Robitaille’s large-format portraiture to Paulina MacNeil’s surveillance imagery to the street-level views of Ralph Robinson and Kristen Powell. In recent years, environmental portraiture has been a common interest for SMFA students such as Rachel Orlang and Colin Murphy. Daniel Corral uses the camera obscura to transform the environment itself, inserting the figure into two simultaneous spaces.

Graduate students Paulina MacNeil and Natalia Leginowicz present images that make us question what we’re seeing, using the unique perspective of the photograph to upend expectations.

Students from SMFA are inquisitive, dedicated, and willing to confront and question the world around them. As faculty and staff, we do our utmost to create a space for them that will nurture these instincts as they prepare to enter the world of contemporary photography.