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New Partnership, Inaugural Exhibition with Old North Church & Historic Site

    The Photographic Resource Center is excited to announce a new partnership with Old North Church & Historic Site. Old North recently opened Patriots Corner, an exhibition space in the Clough House, a historic home on Old North’s property. This new space serves as a rotating gallery, which will feature a variety of shows throughout the year that align with Old North’s interpretive themes. Old North aims to combine the contemporary with the historic, giving visitors a unique perspective on timeless concepts.

    The PRC is partnering with Old North for its first-ever contemporary photography exhibit in Patriots Corner, Rally Point: Bravery + Action. The PRC and Old North are both dedicated to celebrating the photography community in the Boston area. PRC members receive free admission to Old North for the duration of the show with a valid PRC membership card.

    Stay tuned for more information about associated programming later this summer.

    May 17 – July 15, 2019: RALLY POINT: BRAVERY + ACTION
    Patriots Corner Gallery, Old North Church & Historic Site
    Curated by Erin Wederbrook Yuskaitis
    Old North’s Co-Director of Education (and former PRC Program & Exhibition Manager)

    ‘To the Very End’ by Austin R. Soares

    The famous signal lanterns of April 18, 1775, displayed in the steeple of Old North Church, activated a network of riders who rallied their neighbors and fellow patriots to action and ignited the American Revolution. The bravery of those riders, who are largely uncelebrated today, demonstrates a defining pillar of the American spirit in times of trouble. This exhibition investigates what that caliber of teamwork and courage looks like in the 21st century, particularly how collective action and courageous fellowship can promote active citizenship.

    What does it look like when one sacrifices personal desires and recognition in pursuit of a common goal? How do we as local, national, and global citizens overcome ourselves for the greater good of our communities? What does it mean to work together synergistically to effect change? The artists featured in this exhibition answer these weighty questions in different ways as their photographs demonstrate bravery in its many facets: it’s an idea, it’s an action, it’s a feeling, and it’s a symbol.

    ‘No Human is Illegal’ by Ellen Shub

    Featured Artists

    Todd Bradley
    Matt Conti
    Maggie Loh
    Leah Ramuglia
    Austin Soares
    Ellen Shub
    Steven White