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Members Benefited from Arlette Kayafas’s Observations, 9/17/18

    On September 17, Arlette Kayafas reviewed the work of five PRC members as part of the PRC Portfolio Review Program.

    Arlette is the Director of Gallery Kayafas, which she opened in 2002. The gallery represents and presents emerging artists together with established and well-known photographers.

    (The PRC Portfolio Review program is a valuable member benefit. Read more about it here.)

    Arlette: “A special thank you to the PRC for giving me the opportunity to review the work of five photographers. And a special thanks to the five very different artists, each with a strong commitment to their art.

    “Before any review, I always visit the artist’s website. By doing this, I’ve saved some of the allotted time as I have already answered many of my questions beforehand and the two of us can concentrate on the images. As the review begins, I ask about their expectations … and excitedly wait to see what’s in the box!

    “I’ve been collecting photography (with my husband, Gus) for 51 years, and have looked at thousands of images. However, each review shows me something different, something new. It’s a learning experience for me. When I review work, I’m looking at the portfolio as an exhibition—strength, narrative, relationship from photo to photo, and depth. Thinking of the work in this way guides the review.

    “The artists that I met (a couple for the second time!) were in varying stages of their projects; each, with a strong grasp as to what they wanted to say and each deep into their process. Some projects were years into the journey, others just opening and beginning the exploration. I found the reviews rewarding and energizing. I enjoyed the conversations that ensued and the collaborative process.

    “I hope the artists found the experience beneficial!”

    Arlette reviewed the work of PRC Members Diane Bennett, Tamar Granovsky, Tira Khan, Jeffery Lewis, and Tricia Neumyer.

    “Boardwalk Attendant, Seaside Heights, 2016” by Diane Bennett

    Diane Bennett: A portfolio review is great for discovering blind-spots; thanks to the PRC for providing this valuable benefit. I especially appreciated the knowledge, experience and care that Arlette brings as a reviewer. She helped me reflect on my current portrait project in a historical context and think through ways to more deeply engage people on the street.

    “House. Arandai, Chapada Diamentina, Bahia, Brasil. 2017.” From the series “The Miracle” by Tamar Granovsky

    Tamar Granovsky: The review with Arlette was an enjoyable, one-on-one, opportunity that I could not have easily had without the PRC. Arlette asked me questions that made me look harder at the photographs I had included for her review; because of this I realized that I had an understanding of one image, in particular, that I had never had before. For the first time, something that has intuitively made sense now makes intellectual sense. She has given me food for thought that I will take with me as I alter the editing and sequencing of this project’s pictures. I am thankful to Arlette for this.

    Image from the series “Pattern Repeats” by Tira Khan

    Tira Khan: I really enjoyed my portfolio review with Arlette Kayafas. I found her easy to talk to, articulate in her analysis, and incredibly insightful. She listened to what I had to say about my project and then offered an in-depth critique the images. Right now I am working on a project that is complicated in concept and form. She helped me analyze my photographs and offered ideas on potential approaches. Her guidance will help me with my work.

    “Kermit the Frog, c.1976, T.M.N., age 44” from the series “Well Loved” by Tricia Neumyer

    Tricia Neumyer: It is so important to be able get an honest reaction to your artwork, especially when it is coming from someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Arlette. I took this opportunity to launch a project that I’ve been thinking about for a long time but never really got going. While we did speak briefly about older work that is in its final stages, Arlette really pushed me to explore my new ideas. Our conversation helped me to clarify my goals and see the strengths and potential weakness of the images I’ll be making in the future. Thank you Arlette for your insights and the PRC for organizing the Portfolio Review Program.