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In the Gallery with Home Sweet Home

    March 3, 2024, 4pm

    An afternoon in the gallery with Home Sweet Home artists:
    Mark Elson, Karina Mackey, Brent Mathison, Coco McCabe, Dennis Stein

    VanDernoot Gallery
    1815 Massachusetts Ave.
    Cambridge, MA 02140

    Spend some time IN PERSON with New England based Home Sweet Home photographers, Mark Elson, Karina Mackey, Brent Mathison, Coco McCabe, Dennis Stein, and hear about their use of analog photography techniques in their work as they share original prints and cameras. Thematically, the exhibition Home Sweet Home focuses on the photographer’s eye turned towards the domestic. Family, friends, space, objects, the interior of life, and what is held close. At some point in a photographer’s journey, whether influenced by nesting, memory, nostalgia, quarantine, or to document – – inspiration strikes from within the house.

    The processes with which the work in the show was created is also a primary theme. Home Sweet Home originated with an invitation for PRC Creative Director, Jessica Burko, to curate an online exhibition for Analog Forever Magazine, the world’s premier journal of contemporary film and analog photography. Analog Forever Magazine’s mission is to provide a global audience to established and emerging photographers who use analog processes and techniques for their photographic work by giving them a voice via a biannual print photography journal, online features and interviews, book reviews, and online exhibitions. The online exhibition featured 42 photographers from eight countries (France, Germany, Perú, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA), and the PRC is proud to feature work from these photographers in the VanDernoot Gallery.