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PRC Nights Online: Photographing Protest

    July 15, 2020, 5-7pm

    Featuring Harry Scales along with Matthew Kamholtz and Ellen Feldman

    Harry Scales, Black Lives Are Not Trends That Leave The Timeline by The Weekend, Boston, MA, June 11,2020

    Harry Scales is a Fine Art & Editorial photographer working in New York & Boston recently graduated from the New England School of Photography’s full-time program. Influenced heavily by photographers who’ve made their work on the streets of cities & towns, Harry continues the tradition of exploring man’s relationship with one another amid society’s grapple with time.

    Currently he is documenting the Black Lives Matter protests in Boston and his work inspired the theme for this edition of PRC Nights Online. Matthew Kamholtz and Ellen Feldman will also be sharing their work. Kamholtz has been photographing the recent protests through the medium of TV due to the corona virus and Feldman will show images from her project, Photographs and Reflections on the Women’s March, January 21, 2017.

    Click HERE to see a video of the presentation.