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Handmade Photography

    6 Saturdays, August 7 through September 11, 2021
    11am-4pm each day, with a break from 1-2pm

    Anthotypes, August 7 & 14 in-person. Location TBA
    Cyanotypes: August 21 & 28 in-person. Location TBA

    Pinhole photography: September 4 & 11 online.

    Registration is closed.
    PRC Members: $350
    Non-Members: $410
    Max # of Participants: 10
    If you withdraw from the workshop (for whatever reason) you have the option to roll over the registration fee to another workshop or receive a 50% refund.

    The Handmade Photography workshop is a 6-week long workshop broken up into three 2-week parts, each focusing on a different type of handmade photography. The first part is Pinhole Photography taught by Walter Curmp. A pinhole camera is most often handmade out of cardboard without a lens and with a tiny aperture through which to capture an image. The second part is Anthotypes taught by Jesseca Ferguson. An anthotype print starts with an emulsion made from plants then after a sheet of paper is coated with the emulsion and dried a contact print can be made with exposure to direct full sun-light. The third part of the workshop is Cyanotypes taught by Edie Bresler. Cyanotype, or “blue imprint” is a nineteenth century printing process similar to anthotype in that an emulsion is mixed, paper is coated, and a contact print is made though the striking blue image that results is of unique beauty. See below for details on each portion of the workshop and register through the link above.