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For a Moment: Images from the Boston Photo League

    As reviewed in The Boston Globe

    October 13 – November 18, 2023

    Jessica Rinaldi, Castle Island, 2013
    Exhibition and reception are open to the public.

    VanDernoot Gallery at Lesley University

    University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

    Gallery Hours: Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm

    For a Moment exhibitors:
    Lisa Abitbol, Jaypix Belmer, Darlene DeVita, Marissa Fiorucci, Kate Flock, Collin Howell, Cassandra Klos, Meredith Nierman, Lauren Owens Lambert, Jessica Rinaldi

    Marissa Fiorucci, Larry Fink

    A photograph at times can be just as much about the photographer as it is about the subject matter. When the moment goes well it is also about the relationship, however brief. This can refer to the relationship between people, or between the photographer and the world around them. When making work or viewing photographs, it is our life experiences that help us understand and connect to the human experience. For some it is the connection that drives the making.

    This exhibition features photojournalism and documentary work from members of the Boston Photo League, an informal collective of Boston-area women and non-binary photojournalists and documentary photographers. The images exemplify the unique connection between photographer and subject matter, whether it is a project or single frame, each photographer has an individual approach. As women and non-binary photographers, we inherently seek to bond with our subjects and relate to stories in a distinctive way. As a result, the work becomes a shared experience.