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Announcing 14 Artists Chosen for EXPOSURE 2019

    Juror Mark Alice Durant has selected works by 14 artists to appear in EXPOSURE 2019. The PRC’s annual juried exhibition runs from July 11 through August 11 in Lesley Art + Design’s Van Dernoot Gallery, University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. Gallery hours are Thu. 12-8 pm, Fri./Sat./Sun 12-6 pm. Opening Reception is July 11, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

    Mark Alice Durant, EXPOSURE 2019 Juror. Photo by Aiden Durant

    Artists who will be exhibiting work are:

    Astrid Reischwitz
    Cate Wnek
    Gregory Jundanian
    Hank Hauptmann
    Jaina Cipriano
    Jessica Burko
    Judy Haberl
    Kristen Emack
    Mary Zompetti
    Molly Lamb
    Navidreza Haghighimood
    Nick Meyer
    Regina DeLuise
    Reid + Factor

    Mark Alice Durant is nationally recognized for his influential contributions to photography, including as the publisher of Saint Lucy Books and Commenting on the selection process, he said:

    “There was so much fantastic work submitted that it was a challenge to make the final selection. The works I did select have no common theme and are, in fact, tremendously varied in content and approach to the medium.

    “The things I look for are an active imagination, curiosity and engagement with the world, and that someone is thinking through photographs. Their photographs are not just a reflection or a one-to-one representation of the world, but through their photographs, they’re clearly thinking about something. They’re exploring, they’re trying to find out something about the thing they’re photographing. It could be anything: still life, family relationships, landscape…

    “It’s relatively easy to make a good photograph now because of the technology that we have, so it’s not just about good-looking images. It’s also about how you are thinking about the world through your photography. Where is the evidence of that in your work?”

    The featured image is Washer, 2018 from the series Mad Habitat by Reid + Factor. Here are a few of the other images you’ll see at EXPOSURE 2019:

    Tapestry #6 (A Pleasure to Give) by Astrid Reischwitz
    Raising Goosebumps by Cate Wnek
    Untitled (Strabenbahn) Linz Austria by Hank Hauptmann
    Moon Over Me by Jaina Cipriano