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Deadline 09/23/22: Hera Gallery Collective Worlds

    In-person open call. Artists have the ability to conceive entire universes, constructed around personal or political beliefs, local or global concerns, or feelings of despair or hope. They may be expansive and vast, or intimate and circumspect, populated by few or shared by many. While assembling these diverse realms, artists ask: In what ways can we communicate our ideas? Are those ideas optimistic or cynical? Should we utilize an interior perspective or an exterior existence? Do we draw on media and popular culture, ritual and faith, fantasy or actuality?This creative impulse is an essential part of human existence. It allows us to assign a visual voice to a moment that has happened or has yet to happen. By employing these domains we discover how our internal acuity can lead beyond personal transformation to an interconnection of systems collectively greater than our own. Collective Worlds asks artists to present the alternate realities in which they are a part of, shape, or envision. Juror: Meghan Clare Considine.