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Chester Higgins, February 16, 2022, 6:30-8pm

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    Chester Higgins, Home Celebration of Pesach Seder Brooklyn, 2006
    courtesy of the artist and Bruce Silverstein Gallery

    Photographer and author Chester Higgins was born in Alabama in 1946, and was formally educated at Tuskegee University, graduating in 1970. Experiences with his family’s church community, as well as with college campus student protest, were formative in developing the direction Higgins’ artistic practice.

    Higgins’ oeuvre portrays the dignity of the African American and African diasporic communities, and this work has brought Higgins all over the world, and to Africa in particular, many times. He worked as a staff photographer for The New York Times from 1975 until 2014, and is the author of several publications, including Black Woman (1970); Drums of Life (1974); Feeling the Spirit: Searching the World for the People of Africa (1994); Elder Grace: The Nobility of Aging (2000); and Echo of the Spirit: A Photographer’s Journey (2004). 

    Higgins’ work has been the subject of many international exhibitions, and is held in notable collections, such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond, and The Brooklyn Museum of Art.  Higgins lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Click HERE to see his recent feature in the New Yorker.

    In the long-term photographic project Sacred Nile Chester Higgins illustrates how faith migrated up and down the River Nile from Ethiopia to Egypt, leaving vestige of ancient practice in today’s worship. This visual portrayal of faith reexamines our spiritual beginnings. Recently published, this book is available for purchase on