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Carol Parker

    “Volunteering at the PRC, you meet such interesting people,” says Carol Parker. “I like contributing to the sense of community, and having photographers come together.”

    Carol has been a stalwart PRC volunteer for years. She’s contributes significant time and expertise in handling membership, back-office and finance-related tasks. She also works PRC events, and has helped staff the front desk.

    One example of her contributions is the fundraising planning she led a few years ago. Created with others in the PRC, the plan resulted in a 150% increase in revenues over the previous year. It’s the kind of organizational problem-solving that Carol enjoys.

    Not one to narrow her focus, Carol also is associated with ESC of New England, a company geared to consulting and capacity building for nonprofit organizations. With ESC, she provides strategic planning help for organizations such as the Nichols House Museum and Science Club for Girls.

    With a bachelor’s degree in art history from Oberlin College, Carol hoped for a career as an arts administrator. Instead, a corporate career in market research was in the cards for her, including earning an MBA from Simmons College.

    Since retiring from corporate work, Carol’s gone on to earn a Museum Studies Certificate from Tufts University Graduate School of Arts and Science.

    “When I left the corporate world, I saw an opportunity to get back to what I really wanted to do,” she says, “which is working in the arts.”

    The PRC is fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of Carol’s business savvy, problem solving, vision and willingness to help wherever needed.