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PRC Nights Online: Architectural Photography

    June 30, 2020, 5-7pm

    Featuring Greig Cranna, Steve Dunwell, Ravneet Marwaha, Diana Cheren Nygren

    Image of Infinity Bridge by photographer Greig Cranna.

    Anyone can take a picture of a building, but it takes someone who understands the fundamental relationship of space to form, light on shape, and the scope of structure to environment to fully capture architecture as image. Architectural Photography is a way of seeing that Greig Cranna has immersed himself in for several decades and on June 30th he will share his work with us and discuss how one project influences the next. Cranna is is a professional photographer and the owner of BRIDGE Gallery in North Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is also on the Board of the PRC. Additional exhibitors are, Steve DunwellRavneet Marwaha, and Diana Cheren Nygren. Each photographer will share their own unique view of what architectural photography can be.