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FINAL WEEK: PRC Student Show Ends Friday, 5/17/19

    The annual PRC Student Show opened April 22 and runs through May 17 in the lower-level gallery of University Hall, 1815 Mass Ave, Porter Square, Cambridge.

    We’re exhibiting selections from the PRC’s Institutional Member schools. Students exhibiting include:

    Emerson College
    Bethany Imara Owens, Yuxuan Ethan Wu, Bobby Nicholas III, Renata Brockmann, Brunei Deneumostier, and Connor Jordan.

    Emmanuel College
    Airieanne Lane, Mollie Salamon, Lauren Roderigues, and Mirela Caron.

    Lesley Art +Design
    Emma Corddry, Chai Anstett, Emmeline Rovins, William Barriteau, Sophia Pinero, Alan Vincent, Nicholas van der Wal, and Rane Brower.

    Meghan Braney, Evan Perkins, Kevin Moore, Zhidong Zhang, Caterina Maina, and Kelsey Cox.

    New England School of Photography
    Sarah Farkas, Chris Owens, Eddie O’Connor, Joey Cardozo, eric clark, Harry Scales, and Mairi McCormack.

    School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University
    Billy Foshay, Natalia Leginowicz, Rachel Kim, Paulina MacNeil, Holly Nicole Yates, and Keith Haley Robitaille.

    In addition to the header image (Untitled, © Airieanna Lane, Emmanuel College), here are more samples of what you’ll see:

    Untitled, © Nicholas Van Der Wal, Lesley Art + Design


    Untitled, © Mollie Salamon, Emmanuel College


    Untitled, © Airieanna Lane, Emmanuel College