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Terri Warpinski

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Terri Warpinski, November 26, 1965 [Heinrich Kühn], 2016

Artist Statement
"Death[s]trip" is a story of human mortality written on the landscape. In looking at present day Berlin through the filter of history, these photograph and text pieces reveal some of the consequences of enforced political borders. Focusing on the victims of the Berlin Wall – those who lost their lives in failed attempts to flee from one side to the other – "Death|s|trip" probes the contingent properties of meaning, memory, and reflection in relation to both the landscape and the photographic image. Susan Sontag said that the "link between photography and death haunts all photographs of people," I propose that photographs of place/landscape are haunted by it as well.

Each photograph was made on the date that coincides with the anniversary of the victim's death, sited in the specific location where the event took place. In total, between 1961-1989, 136 individuals died as a direct result of the Berlin Wall.

Artist Bio
Terri Warpinski creates imagery that reflects her reverence for the natural environment and her interest in the traces of human connection embedded in the landscape. An inveterate traveler, Warpinski has most often photographed in the desert environments of the United States and Mexico, as well as central and eastern Australia. In recent work she has been drawing on imagery from travel through the Middle East, Western Europe and China, while also continuing to address her home landscape from the coastal rainforest to the sage plain of the high desert. Helen A. Harrison of The New York Times has written of Warpinski: "She is especially attuned to the often subtle evidence of human impact on nature. . . . (Her work) invite(s) speculation about the secrets that may be revealed by close scrutiny and creative speculation."

From her home base in Oregon Terri Warpinski travels the world to pursue her creative practice. She is a Professor of Art at the University of Oregon and was a Fulbright Scholar in Israel 2000-2001.  Recent awards include an Individual Artist Fellowship (2014), two Career Opportunity Grants (2015, 2013) from both the Ford Family Foundation and the Oregon Art Commission. Her work has been shown in over 125 exhibitions including the Pingyao International Festival of Photography in China; the US Embassy in Jerusalem; Houston International Fotofest; Center for Photography at Woodstock; the University of the Arts Philadelphia, and San Francisco's Camerawork.  Currently her solo exhibition Surface Tension is touring, after opening in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Lincoln Center in September 2014, it travels through 2017 with venues currently booked in Nebraska, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Arizona.  






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