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John Steck Jr.

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John Steck, Jr., Pacific Ocean, spring evening, 2012/2014

Artist Statement
Nothing is permanent.

Photography is understood as a medium that emphasizes the permanence of the end product—capturing, documenting and archiving moments in time. In this series, I draw attention to the materiality of photography and the memories it captures by allowing my images to slowly disappear.

The photographs will shift and change the same way that we change.

By manipulating the image-making process of my photographs, I short-circuit their archival function. These images remain sensitive to light and in a fairly short, yet unpredictable amount of time, will disappear completely.

All of these memories must leave me.

This process is an attempt to erase sensitive memories and disruptive images that relate to moments of loss, nostalgia, fondness, and love. Watching my photographs slowly disappear leave me to consider the fleeting impermanence of materials, objects and life itself, through a medium that is meant to act as a time capsule.

Artist Bio
I am interested in making books and putting them out in the world. The Make Book Blog will be putting out all different kind of photo related books from new and emerging artist along with some of my own work. Everything will mostly be hand made and short run. Contact me if you have any questions about the books on this site or if your interest in making books.






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