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Leah Miriam Cooper
"Projections and Resemblances"

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Leah Meriam Cooper, Sept 29, '43 Lincoln, NE. I look a little cross but I thought you would like to see where we live. Our address is 2627 "R" St, 2015

Artist Statement
By projecting slides of old family photographs onto my home, I am creating a connection to a family history from which I feel estranged. The figures become apparitions occupying anachronistic domestic spaces allowing them to form a spatial connection as well as a temporal relationship with relatives which supersedes the here and now. The writing on the original snapshot is the title.

The accompanying video explores the cliché of becoming the image of your parents by projecting and performing my image into the maternal and paternal lineage of my parents and their parents.

Artist Bio
Leah Miriam Cooper is a Boston based artist and designer creating photography based works. Leah received her BFA from University of Rhode Island and her MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. She has shown her work throughout the world including Portland OR, Rome, Italy , New York City NY, and Baltimore MD. While her work is always growing and evolving she continues to explore topics of identity, femininity, and the body.







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