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Larry Volk
"4 Questions"

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Larry Volk, Untitled, 2014

Artist Statement
Nothing is permanent.

The video and prints of the 4 Questions explore a biographical narrative about my mother, Rosette Volk, a Holocaust survivor. The 4 Questions was developed around an audiocassette recording in which my mother recalls the story what happened to her during the Holocaust. In the video work, my mother's experiences are explored using the Passover Seder as a framework. During the Seder, a ritual meal of remembrance, the youngest child reads "The Four Questions" aloud. The participants recall and celebrate the history of the Jewish people. This work is about the tradition of recollection and remembrance in Jewish culture and an apparent contradiction: my family rarely recalled the most significant event in our history. As a boy, the four questions I wished to ask were about a different narrative that was shrouded in mystery: not the ancient Jews' exodus from Egypt, but the miracle of my mother's survival.

Artist Bio
Larry Volk is an artist, educator, lecturer and author.

He is a Professor of Photography in the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Endicott College and holds an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Larry is the co-author with Danielle Currier of, No Plastic Sleeves: The Portfolio and Self-Promotion Guide for Photographers and Designers, published by Focal Press which was released in its second edition in 2014. 

He has lectured nationally on, digital imaging, portfolio production and art practice. He has served as portfolio reviewer nationally as well as a juror for regional art and photographic competitions.

As a visual artist, Larry works with a range of photographic media in a variety of contexts. His work  has been exhibited nationally and is held in both private and museum collections. He is a member-artist of the Bromfield Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. His most recent exhibitions include: a solo exhibition at the Bromfield Gallery (2015) two-person exhibitions at Endicott College (2013) and New England Bio-Labs (2012). He has been in numerous group shows, most recently in the Flash Forward Festival, Photogogues(2014) and The Society for Photographic Education Multicultural Caucus Film Festival (2014).

As faculty in the School of Visual and performing arts he teaches courses in: photographic imaging, digital imaging and manipulation, studio lighting, documentary photography, portfolio and senior thesis. His areas of expertise include: documentary photography, location lighting and production, video and time-based production, photographic artist books, digital image editing and production, and fine art digital printing. He served as president of the Endicott College Faculty association in 2000-2011, and has served as a member the Executive Board of the association since 2007.






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