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Thea Dodds
"Listening to the Bees"

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Thea Dodds, Bee Flowers, 2015

Artist Statement
"Listening to the Bees" honors the relationship between humans and honey bees with the alchemy of albumen, an egg-based photo process. Knowing that bees and flowers co-evolved long before humans roamed the Earth, I started cutting and folding my albumen photographs of bees into origami flowers. The flowers are placed inside the bee hive and the bees crawl on and into the objects, vibrating their wings while chewing or excreting wax.

I view the current decline of world bee populations as a relationship problem. This collaboration facilitates a change in my perception of bees, from pests to sacred insects. Can a change in perspective help the unfortunate decline of bees? This series offers a bit of counseling and way forward.

Artist Bio
Thea Dodds, born in Brookline, Massachusetts, is a New Hampshire-based artist creating farm-to-table photography.  Using eggs and bees-wax from her farm, Thea creates handmade photographs to reflect a strong sense of place and connection to the environment.  Thea holds an MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art and a BA from Hampshire College.

As a graduate student she worked with Barbara Bosworth, Jesseca Ferguson, Lindsey Beal, Holly Lynton and Amber Davis-Tourlentes. Thea's editorial work has been featured in numerous publications, including Newsweek, ABC News, CNN, The Boston Globe and The Huffington Post and she is the co-author of "The New Art of Capturing Love" (Amphoto 2014).







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