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What is GPS and How Does it Work?
What is Psychogeography?
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What is GPS and How Does it Work?

How Stuff Works, GPS

Garmin, maker of GPS units
A great explanation with a wonderful glossary.

Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude, NOVA Program
A wonderful interactive site that accompanies the NOVA program, Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude. Play several games (How GPS works and Find your Longitude)!

Latitude and Longitude
Good explanation and great links!

GPS: Decimal to Latitude/Longitude Conversion

GPS Resources
A good general explanation of GPS and links.

What is Psychogeography?

From Wikipedia (the online open source encyclopedia)

Glowlab is one of the most important Psychogeographic collectives, now published as an online magazine.

Glowlab’s Psychogeography Links
Just about everything and everyone you need to know. An amazing link page.

psy.geo.CONFLUX festival on/
A conference and confluence of artists who work in Psychogeography started by Glowlab.
See also a great article on the conference in UTNE:

PIPS, A Providence-based Psychogeographic collective
This year’s Conflux conference will be held in Prodividence, Psy-Geo-Provflux , May 27-29, 2005.

General GIS and GPS links

Geocaching m/about/


The Degree Confluence Project
As stated on their website, “The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted here.”

A GPS and Camera together! otolink.html

Landsat Imagery
As stated on their website, “ supports the purchasing, distribution, and sharing of Landsat TM (Landsats 4 and 5) and ETM+ (Landsat 7) imagery worldwide by providing a simplified, platform-independent user interface and search engine with online data ordering. supports research centers, science teams, and educational organizations by providing customized search interfaces, access to data hosting services, clearinghouse services, data brokering, and imagery cooperatives.”

Selected Artists Working with GPS and Psychogeography

Media Arts and Technology (MAT) at University of California, Santa Barbara
From a Course Syllabus on art and GPS

GPS STASH eostash/
As stated on their website, “Geostash is a public art project that uses the city of Toronto as its inspiration and utilises Global Positioning Technology (GPS) and the web as a means to achieve its creative goals. Geostash takes its cues from the practice of Geocaching….Each artist will hide a "stash" somewhere in the city and post the GPS co-ordinates of where the stash is hidden on the Geostash website…Once found, the artist will transform the contents of the stash into an ephemeral work of art.”

GPS Drawing
From website: “What is GPS Drawing? Digital mark making using GPS satellite navigation technology. GPS receivers can automatically record where you have been as a digital dot-to-dot line. The drawings are of journeys captured using GPS receivers. They were created by treating travel like a geodetic pencil or a cartographic crayon.” Art and artwork by Jeremy Wood. See also an essay in Wired Magazine,

GPSter: A British GPS art group
http://www.gpster.n et/ind ex.html

Laura Kurgan
A New York and Princeton based architect and artist, Laura Kurgan’s work includes You Are Here: Information Drift, in storefronts, museums, etc. (a computer-based installation utilizing Global Positioning System mapping technology.

Kate Armstrong
Work includes, PING (2003) , a telephone system to offer a menu of options for a psychogeographer who calls in using a cell phone.
A website and entity that commissions and supports net art based in New York and Boston Turbulence is a project of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA). See also their extensive blog on networked performance,

iKatun is a non-profit collective of artists based generally in Boston.

Sifting the Inner Belt
As stated on the website, “ Sifting the Inner Belt is a year-long, site-specific social performance and research art project that consists of a series of performance interventions and performance-based research projects, which closely observe and examine, i.e. sift, the South End neighborhood with an emphasis on creating emotional, conceptual and physical bridges between the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) and the Berkeley Street Community Garden (BSCG).” It will be exhibited at the Boston Center for the Arts June 17 – July 31, 2005. Organized by Hiroko Kikuchi, Catherine D’Ignazio, Jeremy Chu, Jeremy Liu, Kim Szeto, Natalie Loveless.

Map Collections

Harvard Map Collection
As stated on their website, “The Harvard Map Collection is the oldest map collection in America. The collection has grown to include ca. 400,000 maps, over 6,000 atlases, and several thousand reference books. Topographic maps, nautical charts and thematic maps provide an excellent research collection representing all chronological periods and notable map makers. The Map Collection also has a strong commitment to digital resources, including historical images and the Harvard Geospatial Library.”

Boston Map Society
As stated on their website, “The Harvard Map Collection is home to the Boston Map Society. The society was formed in 1994 to bring together people with an interest in collecting, studying, using, and preserving maps. Membership is open to everyone and includes map collectors, curators, dealers, and individuals with a general interest in maps.”

Boston Public Library, Print Department

Historic New England (SPNEA)

Maps and GIS in New England

Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)

Massachusetts Geographic Information Council (MGIC)

Maps Over Time & Future Boston
Two amazing interactive sites brought to you by Bill Warner. Use software to paint and layer maps of Boston over time. As stated on the website, “ FutureBoston, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on connecting the people of Boston with the future of their city.”

Boston Redevelopment Authority’s Mapping Site, “The Boston Atlas”
A wonderful way to find out how the city streets and Big Dig changes, day by day. As stated on their website, The Boston Atlas is a “mapping application now available on the world wide web. It includes data from many city agencies, including the Assessing Department and the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, plus information from neighboring towns and the state. Information such as the outlines of planning areas, building outlines, street edges, and property ownership can be turned on and off.”

The Big Dig exhibition at the The Museum of Science

Town of Brookline, Geographic Information Systems

GIS Companies in New England

Caliper Corporation
A GIS software company based in Newton, MA. They are the creators of Maptitude, mapping software, and TransCAD, transportation GIS software. The PRC wishes to thank Caliper for the denotation of software to create a map and mapping expertise.

Spatial Effect: Minding the meaning of Maps
A great explanation of the history of GIS from a geodata company in Belmont, MA.

GIS and Mapping in Education

Mapping Our City: GIS as a Tool in Urban Education
As stated on the website, by Harold McWilliams and Paul Rooney, “Mapping Our City is a two-year project in which middle school teachers and students in Boston explore the uses of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in project-based science, environmental education, and geography.”

Boston Freedom Trail, Travel by GPS
As stated on their website, “A walk on the Freedom Trail will take you by the sites and scenes of crutial events in the nation's struggle for independence. This 3-mile stroll through downtown Boston and Charlestown is recognized as a National Recreation Trail, along which are 16 points of historic importance. Although, the trail is marked by a red line of bricks or paint, you can have fun with your GPS by downloading this file and finding your own route!”

Boston University, Department of Geography and the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS)

Clark University, School of Geography

MIT’s Geographic Information Systems Laboratory

University of Massachusetts Boston, Department of Geography and Geographic Information Technologies Certificate Program

Map Stores and Bookstores

Globe Corner Bookstore
A wonderful store in Harvard Square!

MIT Press and Bookstore
An amazing press and bookstore a lot of interdisciplinary geography and urban planning books.
See especially the book, Mapping Boston, Edited by Alex Krieger, David Cobb and Amy Turner
Foreword by Norman B. Leventhal. As stated on their website, “The book includes both historical maps of the city and maps showing the gradual emergence of the New England region from the imaginations of explorers to a form that we would recognize today. Each map is accompanied by a full description and by a short essay offering an insight into its context….A highlight of the book is a series of new maps detailing Boston’s growth [including images an essay by Nancy Seasholes]. The book also contains seven essays that explore the intertwining of maps and history. In an epilogue, novelist James Carroll ponders the place of Boston in contemporary culture and the interior maps we carry of a city.”

MIT Press also publishes Gaining Ground: A History of Landmaking in Boston by Nancy S. Seasholes. Seasholes is an independent scholar and a Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology at Boston University.

Related Essays and Authors

You are Here journal
As stated on the website, “you are here, the journal of creative geography, is published by graduate students in the Department of Geography & Regional Development at the University of Arizona. The journal is an independent, annual publication that seeks to explore the concept of place through articles, fiction, poetry, essays, maps, photographs, and artwork.”

Rebecca Solnit essay from UTNE 1182-1. html
Rebecca Solnit is well-known cultural historian and writer. She is the author of Wanderlust: A Brief History of Walking.

Article on iKatun from “The Authoritative Resource for Spatial Information”
CRITICAL GIS: Examining the Art of Mapping, by Jeremy W. Crampton

Land/Mark artist Links

Margot Kelley
Artist and Project Website

Kelley’s “cARTographic” multi-cache
Kelley has hidden 5 geocaches in the Boston area as a part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival. As stated in her cache at the PRC: “These points will be especially exciting during the Boston CyberArts festival, but (with luck) the caches will be there long after the festival events are over. Some of the caches are inside galleries: enjoy the shows. All are about a topic of interest to geocachers—using mapping technologies to reclaim the world!!”
Click here to begin searching for her “cARTographic” multi-cache.

Book: Local Treasures : Geocaching across America
Pre-order Kelley's book, Local Treasures : Geocaching across America, release date October, 1, 2005 , here.

Brooke Knight
Artist website

Faculty page at Emerson College

Josh Winer
Josh Winer’s October 2004 solo show at Clifford•Smith Gallery in Boston

Yellow Arrow
Yellow Arrow Global Website

Yellow Arrow, Live Slideshow
Watch new Yellow Arrows as they are placed in the environment, live!

Selected Press on Yellow Arrow

UrbanAdventours: The Best of Boston by Bike (and they take photos too!)
Yellow Arrow user “newurban” runs a bicycle touring company called Urban Adventours. As stated on their website, “UrbanAdventours provides small, boutique bike tours and rentals for those tourists visiting Boston. We guide you through the city streets and help you find the best restaurants, bars, attractions and history of our great city.” Their flagship tour is their Photography Tour.

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