MAPPING Related Events and Exhibitions

Several community partners are hosting programs and events related to mapping and the environment during the Boston Cyberarts Festival. We encourage you to visit these venues as well as invite you to explore them virtually via the Land/Mark online exhibition.

Visit or pick up a special edition of the Boston Phoenix for complete festival listings. The complete cit-wide festival celebrating art and technology runs April 22-May 8, 2005.

In order to point to other events and locations and as an act of artistic geocaching, PRC exhibiting artist Margot Kelley will hide geocaches in or near the following places: 1.) the PRC 2.) 119 Gallery in Lowell 3.) inside of "One Pixel" 4.) Space 200.
Visit to learn how to begin finding and participating in her "cARTographic multi-cache."

NORTHEAST EXPOSURE ONLINE, Lior Neiger (coming May 1, 2005)
During the month of May, Northeast Exposure Online—a web-based initiative of emerging, regional artists—highlights the work of Lior Neiger, MFA candidate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Featured online will be 2 videos, Dead Pixel and Globe. Relevant to mapping is Globe, in which a split screen shows two globes spinning and then stopping, much like a slot machine. Each time, new boundaries abut each other, alluding to political, geographical, historical, and cultural connections.

Jane Marsching and Thomas Swiss
Cyberarts offering of the Word and Image Series, Co-sponsored by NESOP’s Gallery One and the PRC
May 4, 2005, 7pm
Boston University School of Communications, 640 Commonwealth Avenue, Auditorium 101, Boston, MA

Currently teaching at AIB and MassArt, Jane Marsching is a photographer/sculptor/media artist working with issues of belief, representation, science, and perception. Thomas Swiss is Professor of English and Rhetoric of Inquiry at the University of Iowa as well as an editor/artist in new media poetics ( ). Relevant to mapping is Marsching’s data mining project, DeepNorth, a virtual expedition to the North Pole gathering along the way images, information, stories, and imaginings of our farthest north.
Follow her at


On the Map
April 23-May 8, 2005
EVOS Arts Institute, 98 Middle Street Lowell, MA

Produced by 119 Gallery, On the Map features traditional prints and video environments that explore real and virtual maps and places. The artists featured are printmaker and composer Deborah and Richard Cornell, new media artist John Craig Freeman, and cartographer and printmaker Steven R Holloway. The
Cornells’ installation is a collaboration with the Scientific Computing and Visualization Group at Boston University.

Visit 119gallery. org for details.

One Pixel
April 22-April 27, 2005
Back Bay Fens, near the Rose Garden

A "satellite" component of the exhibit On the Map, One Pixel is a collaborative public installation that will be staged in the Back Bay Fens during the Boston Cyberarts Festival. A "Performance Map" by cartographer Steven R Holloway, participants and volunteers will be directed to visit, document, and experience the approximately 30 x 30 meter area on the ground that is represented by a single pixel in a Landsat7 satellite image.
For more info, go to 119gallery. org or email

“Floating Points 2”:
Networked Art in Public Spaces at Emerson College

March 30 and April 27, 2005
Emerson College, Bill Bordy Theater, 216 Tremont Street, Boston, MA
Panels begin at 7pm. Free and open to the public

Emerson College, New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA), and co-present Floating Points 2, a four-part speaker series that explores the ways artists use wireless and networking technologies (Internet, WiFi, GPS, etc.) to transform interactions with one another and our urban and natural environments by taking their work into the streets.

March 30:
Pete Gomes and the collaborative team of Jeff Knowlton & Naomi Spellman will talk about recent projects that engage the landscape of the internet, wireless technologies, databases, portable computers, GPS and local surroundings.

April 27:
Part of a Cyberarts panel, internationally-renowned artists Julian Bleecker, Elizabeth Goodman, Andrew Shoben of Greyworld, and Teri Rueb will discuss new directions in locative, networked, and mobile media. Rueb will debut a new commission.

For more information and links visit
(discussions will also be streamed live on the internet)

"Itinerant" by Teri Rueb, a commission
April 22 to May 7, 2005
Judi Rotenberg Gallery, 130 Newbury Street, Boston, MA
As stated in their literature, "Blending voices of characters both fictional and first-person, Itinerant presents a view of Boston from the inside - as internal monologue. The piece explores the mixed legacy of nomadism and mobility (socioeconomic and geographic) as it has shaped contemporary American life. A walk through downtown Boston with headphones and a GPS-equipped pocket PC reveals an alternately spiraling and linear monologue as it unfolds according to the correspondingly rational and irrational design of the city’s streets.” Participants can post responses and record the path of their journeys on the project’s website.
Visit for more information.

“Corporate Commands” and
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things

April 22-May 29, 2005
200 State Street, Marketplace Center, Boston, MA and the Greater Boston area

Be on the lookout for local art collective The Institute for Infinitely Small Things to lead public expeditions enacting “Corporate Commands” around the city. Donned in white lab coats and using advertising phrases such as “Just do it,” the Institute will visit various sites and invite participants on an urban journey of critical cartography within public space. A temporary laboratory for the Institute and its findings will be set up at Alternate Current’s new Space 200.
To contribute a corporate command go to
To find out exact times and locations of expeditions, see
Visit for more information.

RELATED EXHIBITION (not in conjunction with Cyberarts):
March 21 – April 22, 2005
Clark University, Schiltkamp Gallery/ Traina Center for the Arts
92 Downing Street, Worcester, MA

As stated on their website, “This exhibition explores the map as metaphor, artistic strategy, and graphic device. Mapping implies systems of ordering and surveying, of creating correspondence, pattern, and place and is therefore a powerful form of symbol making.” The exhibition includes fifteen artists’ work, ranging from video, collage to sculpture, and printmaking to photography, addressing the broad conceptual currency of mapping.
Click here for more information (
Click here for a pdf brochure for Mapping.

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