A psychology major turned photographer, John Hirsch received a professional certificate in photography from The Maine Photographic Workshops in 2002. He has taught photography at The Waterford School (Sandy, UT), Zeff Photo Supply (Belmont, MA), The Boston Center for Adult Education (Boston, MA) and is on the summer faculty at The Maine Photographic Workshops (Rockport, ME). Currently he is assisting local photographer Lisa Kessler and working at Color Services, Inc. (Needham, MA).

Featured online are selections from Hirsch’s ongoing series focusing on two kinds of transitory communities: RV parks and ice fishing. Shot using a large format 8x10 camera, his sensitive black and white portraits show quiet moments in these emergent, ever-changing societies. Hirsch’s use of light in particular lends a spiritual and noble quality to its participants. In both cases and arenas, time appears to slow down and people find solace in another habitat and activity, seemingly both far from and yet somehow still related to their “normal” lives. In both series, “a trip takes us” and “on the ice,” Hirsch allows us to enter and reflect upon the ideas of community as well as recreation as a part of the American psyche.

- Leslie K. Brown, PRC Curator

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CJ Heyliger
February 2006

Sarah Sorg
January 2006

Jaclyn Salvaggio
December 2005

Chandra Meesig
November 2005

Dutch Huff
October 2005

Shirin Adhami

September 2005

Anne McMahon
August 2005

Ri Anderson
July 2005

Jonathon Wells

June 2005

Lior Neiger
May 2005

Rania Matar
April 2005

Liz Daly
March 2005

Steve Deane
February 2005

Andrew Warren
January 2005

Jane Hesser
December 2004

Jessica Burko
November 2004

Amy Montali

October 2004

Luke Snyder

September 2004

Matthew Gamber
August 2004

Mariliana Arvelo
July 2004

Ken Richardson
June 2004

Julie Melton
May 2004

Marlo Marrero
April 2004

Erik Gould
March 2004

Mori Insinger
February 2004

Jen Kodis

January 2004

Amber Davis
December 2003

Paul Taggart

November 2003

Marla Sweeney
October 2003

Dylan Vitone
September 2003

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Selections from “ a trip takes us” and “on the ice”

I have always been interested in personal interactions between individuals and groups, the way that we arrange and carry ourselves when alone or with others says much of our supposed social roles. You begin to see the delineations of a family hierarchy and the relationships between men and women, adults and children. In a photograph people are captured in a moment of time within themselves, but also in relation to the people and places surrounding them.

I return to RV parks and ice fishermen with my camera because I am fascinated with these people and their chosen forms of recreation. The way in which people assemble themselves, who they choose to spend time with, how they engage each other, ignore each other and where they choose to locate themselves. Physically it creates a stage where we become witness to these unknown but familiar activities, the comforts of home taken out of context and into the outdoors.

As a photographer there is a great challenge in these delicate arrangements, trying to exert my own voice on a situation without crushing the perceived honesty of the moment. My interactions with these subjects are varied, but the pictures are always collaborations on some level. I am seeking to find a balance in their awareness of the camera, but also a certain permission to just be. These individuals seeking solitude or social interaction are linked to the idea of a community, no matter how small or how temporary.

- John Hirsch

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“a trip takes us”: RV Parks

“on the ice”: ice fishing