A recent transplant to the Boston area, Luke Synder has been pursuing independent studies in photography at Massachusetts College of Art. Snyder’s background is in music, painting, and media arts, and he brings this unique combination and viewpoint to his photography. Recently, his work has been juried into exhibitions at the Photographic Center Northwest, the Phoenix Gallery, and the Stebbins Gallery.

Snyder has been working on a series entitled Atlantic Light, featuring images taken in coastal areas ranging from Maine to North Carolina. Using a unique interpositive method, he places 4 x 5 inch color prints taken originally with slide film into the negative carrier. The resulting 30 x 40 inch C-prints carry the grain of the paper and mimic the intense tones and colors of watercolors. Simultaneously evocative and ominous in tone, the resulting prints seem to glow, lending a presence to the land. The atmosphere appears luminous and thick, as if a storm was waiting or had just passed over the land. His simple yet grand compositions allude to the formal structure of Asian art and are almost musical in their arrangement.- Leslie K. Brown, PRC Curator

- Leslie K. Brown, PRC Curator

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Matthew Gamber
August 2004

Mariliana Arvelo
July 2004

Ken Richardson

June 2004

Julie Melton

May 2004

Marlo Marrero

April 2004

Erik Gould
March 2004

Mori Insinger
February 2004

Jen Kodis

January 2004

Amber Davis
December 2003

Paul Taggart

November 2003

Marla Sweeney
October 2003

Dylan Vitone
September 2003

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Atlantic Light Series

“Atlantic Light” is an ongoing series of large, colorful landscapes. I use the photographically derived image, with its indelible power to suggest truth, but through manipulation I try to create images that transcend their photomechanical birth. I hope that the pictures in this series are seen as aesthetic objects, considered on their own merits, beyond the “window on the world” context of traditional landscape photography.

My interest in landscape is that it functions as a continual stage, sometimes dramatically revealing a transcendent story. Many of the photographs in this series are about an uncertain path that is not safe but inviting. I work on a large scale because the sea and sky in their vastness require it. I am reminded of how small I am. The world is revelation and speaks of eternity while I tremble.

- Luke Snyder

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