A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, Chandra Meesig received her MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in spring 2005. Interested in photographic conservation, she has interned at the Griffin Museum of Photography and is currently pursuing a certificate in museum studies at Tufts University (Medford, MA). She has shown her successful “Backs of Photographs” series from her thesis show at various exhibition spaces including artspace@16 (Malden, MA) and Boston University’s Sherman Gallery (Boston, MA). Other work has been featured in the Boston Drawing Project at the Bernard Toale Gallery (Boston, MA) and the Windows Art Project (Somerville, MA).

Featured online will be selections from two new bodies of work, including an ongoing series of hotel interiors focusing on the paintings on display as well as a series of altered self-portraits. In the Motel Pictures, she focuses her lens on a feature we often ignore while traveling, the generic paintings or reproductions that adorn the rooms as substitutes for the domestic. Scanned from 4 x 6 photographs, the compositions consider the odd placement and displacement of these mass-produced canvases and scenes and their function and affect. In her series of manipulated self-portraits, SHELPE, the degradation of the image—pixels and “jpg-ing” are readily apparent—contributes to the aesthetics and meaning. Some of the imagery has the appearance of raw flesh or bruising, doubling the amorphous, psychological effect. In essence, Meesig is stripping away the face, and by extension the self, to then rebuild it.

- Leslie K. Brown, PRC Curator

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Dutch Huff
October 2005

Shirin Adhami

September 2005

Anne McMahon
August 2005

Ri Anderson
July 2005

Jonathon Wells

June 2005

Lior Neiger
May 2005

Rania Matar
April 2005

Liz Daly
March 2005

Steve Deane
February 2005

Andrew Warren
January 2005

Jane Hesser
December 2004

Jessica Burko
November 2004

Amy Montali

October 2004

Luke Snyder

September 2004

Matthew Gamber
August 2004

Mariliana Arvelo
July 2004

Ken Richardson

June 2004

Julie Melton
May 2004

Marlo Marrero
April 2004

Erik Gould
March 2004

Mori Insinger
February 2004

Jen Kodis

January 2004

Amber Davis
December 2003

Paul Taggart

November 2003

Marla Sweeney
October 2003

Dylan Vitone
September 2003

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"SHELPE" and "Motel Pictures"

I prepare food the same way that I make photographs. Subject, process, and aesthetics are not central factors in making the photographs. The choice of ingredients and recipe is based on hunger and taste at the time of cooking.

The Motel Pictures are images of pictures hanging on motel walls in the USA and Europe. I photographed these pictures because I found them important and worthy of a closer look. Spending time in a motel is a strangely intimate yet generic experience and mirrors what I feel when thinking about my relationship to art.

The SHELPE (She Has Everything Losers Pretend Exist) photographs are a series of portraits of my head. The pictures show my face rearranged to varying degrees. The resulting images show the apprehension, doubt, and fear I sometimes undergo when thinking about my relationship to the larger world.

My photographs have themes (sex, mass, personal versus private) as well as technical tendencies (shallow spaces, framing devices, manipulating focus). What I look for is something to tie it all together, the thread that links everything spitting from my shoot to the plate.

- Chandra Meesig, 2005

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Motel Pictures