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David Wolf
"The After Life of Things"

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Blue Christmas, No. 1, 2012, Unique C-print assemblage on expired paper, courtesy of the artist & Corden|Potts Gallery, San Francisco

Artist Statement
Working with the unique qualities of expired photo papers, I’m interested in addressing the materiality of things and the nature of photographic materials, while celebrating the wonder of the traditional darkroom in an age of its demise. The decline of the darkroom has led me to consider the nature of photographic materials in ways I hadn’t previously imagined. The dwindling availability of the basics of darkroom craft—film, chemistry and paper—has prompted me to consider, “What makes a photograph, photographic?”

“The After Life of Things” draws a parallel between discarded things and discontinued photo papers as found objects. Each box of expired paper is a mystery until processed, as time and happenstance leave their mark in unpredictable, often beautiful ways. More celebration than lament, this project inverts the decline of traditional darkroom photography by creating new work from unwanted, outmoded materials as it explores the notion of obsolescence itself.

Artist Bio
David Wolf is a devoted film photographer, making both color and black and white prints by hand in the darkroom. His work has been exhibited internationally at such venues as Aperture, photo basel, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Numerous collections have acquired David’s photographs, including the de Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Bibliotheque nationale de France. His work has been published in Harper’s, Fraction Magazine, and Spot, among others. David was recently awarded an individual artist’s grant by the San Francisco Arts Commission to pursue his current project, The After Life of Things. A Boston native and Brown University graduate, David now calls San Francisco home, where his work is represented by Corden|Potts Gallery.







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