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Keiko Hiromi

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Marcie and Ruth: Ebola Orphans, 2015, Archival pigment print, courtesy of the artist and Panopticon Gallery

Artist Statement
Liberia had a very tough year last year. Ebola spread through West Africa. Liberia, already suffering from lack of basic infrastructure, and health care system, was hit hard. I visited Liberia in February 2015. Some say that photography steals one's soul. I believe that photography is an exchange of pieces of souls between the photographer and the photographed. Every click I make, I am leaving a portion of my being behind with people I photograph. In this sense, Liberia has a big chunk of my soul.

Artist Bio
Keiko Hiromi is a documentary photojournalist based in Boston, MA and Tokyo, Japan. She is locally represented by Panopticon Gallery in Boston, MA and Gallery Bauhaus in Tokyo, Japan. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has received a number of recognitions and awards, including The Griffin Museum Emerging Photographer Award, Project Basho Emerging Artist Award and Massachusetts Cultural Art Council 2013 finalist. She is also a PRC Exposure 2013 alum. She covers a wide rage of topics across the globe fro various clients. Photographing drag queens of Jacques Cabaret in Boston, streets of Dorchester which is her Boston neighborhood, Pride Parade in Uganda, clean water in Liberia are some of her projects. Most recently she covers grassroots efforts to fight against Ebola crisis in Liberia, which was featured on Public Radio International.







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