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Eliot Dudik
Road Ends in Water

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Eliot Dudik, Betty, Oregon Road, Archival Pigment Print, 2010.

Artist Statement
Change is descending upon an otherwise quiet, unhurried, unobtrusive place. The main highway, U.S. Route 17, that bisects South Carolina's "lowcountry," north to south, is being widened to accommodate commerce, tourists, and urban refugees. Not only are many homes, some historic, disappearing before the tracked blades of expansion, but also the new, faster thoroughfare encourages greater disregard and obliviousness to the charm and culture the basin harbors.

This collection of images and thoughts is a tribute to, and an acknowledgment of, the respect the modest souls of this region, obscure from the mainstream, deserve for their tenacity, good humor, social commitment, and acceptance of the ebb and flow of the often incomprehensible vagaries of existence.

A photographic adventure became an artistic journey and culminated in a unique awakening to an otherwise overlooked cultural phenomenon. While the road ends in water, it began there as well.

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Artist Bio
Eliot Dudik is a fine art photographer working in a large format documentary style. His first monograph, Road Ends in Water, was published in 2010. Eliot graduated cum laude from the College of Charleston in 2007, receiving a BS in Anthropology and a BA in Art History. He received his MFA in photography with honors at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010.  Eliot currently resides in Savannah, Georgia; however, he will soon relocate to Columbia, South Carolina to begin his teaching career as an adjunct photography professor at the University of South Carolina in the fall of 2011. 







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