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Dina Litovsky
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Dina Litovsky, Untitled, Digital C-Print, 2011.

Artist Statement
For the last few years I have been photographing the New York City nightlife in its different incarnations: clubs, lounges and bars, as well as parties, both public and private. During this time, I observed the focus of the events shift from partying to photographing the partying, and I became fascinated by the often exhibitionist behavior of women in this changing social context. This project is my exploration of how public behavior and personal representation have been influenced by the accessibility and availability of electronic media, specifically digital cameras, iPhones, and networking sites.

In one form or another, self-representation of women has been linked to exhibitionism since the Flappers of the 1920s. Women's compliance to adjust to the ever-changing ideals of beauty has been evolving hand in hand with an eagerness to showcase the results. In the digital age, this has become easier than ever. Enabled by the new technologies and encouraged by the Lady Gaga-like conception of femininity, the desire to reveal has transformed into a willingness to expose. With this, self-representation of women has reached a curious state, one where women are both in control of their image and at the same time participate more than ever in their own objectification.

Social networks provide a perfect platform for wide and instant exposure and familiarize the mainstream audience with overtly sexualized behaviors that in the past have only been permissible in the contained settings of Spring Break or Mardi Gras. Cameras, ever more compact and omnipresent, are increasingly admitted into heretofore 'private' realms: late-night dance halls, erotic events, even in the bedroom. Instead of an instrument of voyeurism, the camera becomes a welcomed participant. The women photographed are not just permitting but actually performing for the camera; it connects them, the virtual exhibitionists, to a vast anonymous audience.

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Artist Bio
Dina Litovsky is an emerging artist who examines social performances and group interactions in both public and private spaces. Dina was born in the Ukraine and moved to New York in 1991. After receiving her BS in Psychology from New York University, Dina turned to photography and earned her MFA in Photography, Video & Related Media from the School of Visual Arts, NY. Dina's photos received recognition winning a number of prizes including Onward '11 Emerging Photographer Competition (2011, Selected Photographer); Px3 (2011, Honorable Mention); Review Santa Fe (2011, Selected Photographer); WPGA Pollux Awards (2011, Honorable Mention); Humankind Juried Photo Exhibition (2010, Selected Photographer); World Photography Gala Awards Black and White Competition (2010, Honorable Mention); WPGA Dominant Color (2010, Honorable Mention); Smithsonian Magazine Annual Award (2009, Finalist); B&W Spider Awards (2008, Nominee); National Photo Awards (2008, 2nd place); International Photography Awards (2009, Honorable Mention). Her work has been published by a number of publications including The New York Times Style Magazine, Fodors Travel Guide, Bite! Magazine, Hamburger Eyes Magazine, PDN Photo of the Day, New Yorker Photobooth, aCurator, F-Stop Magazine, Lenscratch, dvafoto and various international publications. Dina is based in New York City and travels extensively to photograph in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.







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